PI is not the Problem

The inconsistency is not as bad with pass interference as it is with holding along the offensive line. Now, I can live with the insane holds the Lions get away with, (the game would go on for forever with that oline) but the Al's should not be permitted to cheat to win games. Just cause Tony Oldy McOld has a temper tantrum every time he gets hit doesn't mean they should ignore the rules. And I am not talking about borderline holds that could be called on every play. I'm talking about the full out tackles and clutching after they have been beaten.

Did cflisthebest register another account? :stuck_out_tongue:

No i'm new to the cfl forums. Did he get suspended for telling the truth about the AL's?

No, he's just been complaining a lot about the lack of holding calls.

holding could be called on every play. do we really want that???

Yes , there the only team that cheats :roll:

I think I addressed that in the first comment smarty pants. I'm not talking about the little maybe yes maybe no holds. I'm talking about huge obvious ones.

No the Al's are not the only ones that cheat, their the only ones that are allowed to get away with it. Watch the game and see for yourself. They could bring a rope and tie up a d-lineman and the ref would let it go. Its too bad Chiu is gone, he was the worst for it.

yeah, but who decides when it is obvious. who decides where the line is?

Now the offensive linemen are tackling the defensive linemen? :roll:

The ref!!! If a DL is grabbed after he already beat the OL then that is what we call obvious. Its pretty easy to spot an obvious hold.

well, in my opionion, every hold I see is obvious, therefore if every hold I see is called, the game takes 4 hrs.

the refs as a whole do NOT favor any team nor do they target any team. A single ref might, but he wont last long.

ref call them as they see them, they cants see everything, they cant even see all that you or I see on tv. Of what they do see, they got to decide either if it made an impact on the play, or was the obvious that you are talking about. Again, they cant SEE everything.

I believe the league said that was going to be left to cflisthebest.

I disagree. There have been too many obvious holding calls that haven't been called which have an impact on the play. Tonight in the 1st quarter there was a play where a d-lineman got past the o-lineman and the o-lineman grabbed his arm and held him back. The pass was incomplete but there was a PI call made. If there had been a holding call like there should have been then it would have been off-setting penalities. With no holding call one team gets a big gain from the penalty. That is just an example from tonight but it happens every game against every team.

whats obvious to the camara is not always obvious to the ref on the field who has many things to try to see at the same time.

NOBODY can do a better job than our very human refs are doing, and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong. Go ahead, sign up and show me.

My position on holding has been consistent throughout the season. I think the refs allow far too much of it and I find it puts a big damper on the game for me. When a d-lineman is between the QB and the o-lineman but can't make forward progress and there is no call something is seriously wrong. If we need more officials on the field just watching the trenches then do it. Enough of this garbage.

yeah, how about they pay an extra 7 refs so they can have each one specifically watch one lineman or RB for holding during the whole play

Speaking of PI a ball CLEARLY non catchable and the defender touches him, is that PI?

I like it! :rockin:

They'd still probably get the calls wrong though. :lol:

No matter what you think of the referees how can you say they are not calling things differently this year with respect to holding. Do you honestly believe that they only see one o-lineman holding one time through the course of an entire game? I really wish I could find some stats on holding penalties by o-linemen from last season to compare but I'm sure there were more than one called per game.

well, what did fans complain about last yr?

I dont know the truth of what you are suggesting, but one possibility is that they have been instructed to pay more attention to other things, like the QB, PI or Illegal contact, etc.