pi-down instead of 3-down football

Yeah... Just how many times have we seen the likes of Gizmo Williams return missed converts for touchdowns... Uh? How many times?... And you would want to take that spectacular aspect out of the game... Pfffrt! ... Amateur!

Dude, kick converts a pointless. Nothing would be lose from the kicking game if they were elimanated. The CFL would still have great kicking plays with FG, Kickoffs, and Punts.

Steve, I have an honest question for u, which of these rules chages of your are you seroius about?

I'm only serouis abou the AP and Singles for balls that hit the post.

Is this Pi TD's a real rule you want or a joke???

Yeah,this is confusing. Leave it the way it is now.

I think math has officially been "pwned" at this point.


I hate math. Im doing polynomials at school.

From an engineer’s point of view (who loves math) that is awesome!!! I’ll have to e-mail that around.

Action Point = no.
Post behinds = yes.

I’m going to call it a “vert” from now on, not a “pi-down,” and yes, I’d like to see it TESTED.

My biggest issue is that you would be able to use 3 downs to advance 10 yards, instead of only 2.
However, this would taper off the closer and closer you get to the goal line…you’re taking a heavy risk and going for an easy 3 points one down earlier is better than failing to convert 10 yards and going for a difficult 1 point a down later.

Mundane possession changes could become spectacular though…you could see teams setting up for rugby-style, lateral play on Final Down in the attempt to make a single point, instead of kicking it away.