pi-down instead of 3-down football

? = pi = 3.14159 etc etc etc

Alright, so this started as a joke I made up and messaged to my friend when I left school:

"pi-down gridiron: if you score a TD on 4th down, you get 1 point."

Unfortunately, this gave me 15 minutes to think about it while driving home. And think about it I did. This might be fun to see tested out, so subject you guys to the idea.

Offenses will no longer turn over the ball after failing to convert on 3rd down. Instead they will be given a "final down" in which they may either punt the ball away or attempt to score a touchdown.

Touchdowns on "final down" will count for one point, and there will be no conversion attempt. The same restart rules for rouges will apply.
Field goals and rouges scored on "final down" will not count for any points, making them useless on final down. The same restart rules for rouges will apply.
The defending team will not be subject to these "final down" rules - any score they post as a result of the offense's final down will be considered a full score.
The offensive team may not gain a first down off of a final down.
If the offense turns over the ball and then the defense turns over the ball on final down, final down still applies to the offense and they may not be awarded a first down or more than a single point for a touchdown.

I would call this bonus point a "vert," the french word for green. The "rouge" is french for red, and used to be a negative point. This is and always will be a positive point, hence the usage of green a.k.a. "vert."

This could add an interesting dynamic to the game of Canadian Football, making a single point an option for a team without a great kicker, and giving teams a little more leeway in how they conduct the offense. An immediate concern is that you end up playing practically American ball, but remember that you sacrifice any consolation points a field goal may bring by letting 3rd down lapse. Possession will ALWAYS turn over after final down, regardless of anything and everything that happens.

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Only if they can score action points after touchdowns and 4-point filed goals from >50 yards.

While the cheeleader is doing a “pole” dance with Ralph the dog…

I think if you score a pi touchdown you would have to go for a phi (the golden ratio = 1.618) convert. This means your team's cheerleaders have to line-up against the opposition at the 5 and the team's mascot has to kick the convert (while wearing a cape).

In case you and Kanga haven't noticed Canadian football is about 130 years old and the rules are a lot older than the NFL.

Well it's about time we updated them, don't ya think?


Maybe we should put Kanga and Steve-o in charge of the new 21rst Century CFL.

The CFL "we make em up as we go"
The CFL "where no movement goes without a point being awarded"

In a way, that reminds me of my fiancee's questions while the game is on... "Did they get a point for that?" after a catch at the sidelines, or a pass that's knocked down, pretty much any time that I make a noise while watching the game. She's learning, but she's not overly interested so the lessons don't stick quite as well as I'd like them to.

So really, why can't you score points up and down the field, kinda like a shooting gallery-type layout..... maybe have some targets that the QB's have to hit to get re-tries for failed third-down gambles..... aren't those just great ideas??? :wink:

AHAHAHAHAHAA! :smiley: Als_Molson so funny.

Might as well put a guy in a trapeze who tries to block field goals.

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That was fun in high school, but you should give it a rest now. :wink:

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What does that have to do with anything? Nobody’s arguing that.

Besides, the rules change every year.

Madden 2006 CFL Training Camp?

Steve-o, are you an engineer?

eh no.

Steve-o, are you at all interested in buying this thing here dubbed an "action point?" Easy monthly installments!

No. Touchdowns are for 1 AND 2 point conversions.


dude the AP is 7 points instead or 6 for a TD

after that, instead of choosing beteew a lame Kick convert for 1 point or a conversion for 2 points

their is just a conversion for 1 point every time, no kick convert.

it's no rocket science, and is much better.


TOUCHDOWNS ARE SUPPOSED TO BE 6.94 points, not 7.40!

(assuming 1 in 9 conversion attempts are for 2 points, and 2-pt converts have a 40% success rate while 1 point converts are 99%)

PLUS, Kanga…the emphasis of CFL Football is on the kicking game. That’s why the goalposts remain on the goal line, there still are heavy rugby elements, and the rouge exists. They even say it clearly on CFL.ca, they want the kicking game to be emphasized.

I honestly don’t want to see dedicated kickers go by the wayside because of the introduction of the action point…I’d rather see it through lower roster sizes :open_mouth: