PI challenges

I must admit I was not a fan of putting judgment calls (or lack of...even worse) up for challenges, and thought that if anything the hits on QBs should be reviewable, but I have actually liked the couple instances of challenges so far.

If it expands to late hits on the QB, that call is even more incosistent than PI calls… that should be left the to referee’s judgement, but some of the guess work could be taken out if the league clears up as to what a late hit actually is… right now the rule is more vague and open to interpretation

yeah, and they supposedly made it a focal point of training with the refs for this season...time will tell.

It should be opened up to include offensive pass interference as well as defensive.

Actually, I'd like to see all penalty calls and non-calls being challengeable. No increase in the number of challenges allowed, just allowing anything to be challenged.

I have always felt it should be a penalty to hit a receiver when he doesn't have the ball, even if the ball was thrown near or over him. DBs should not get to take a free hit on a receiver just because the ball was overthrown or for some other reason was not caught.

Agreed. But only a ten yard illegal contact penalty, not a full distance pass interference penalty. The pass interference yardage should only be given if the receiver is prevented from catching the ball, which isn't the case on a bad throw.

works for me