Physiotherapist details what road to recovery could look like for Riders’ Harris

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brutal. good luck to him.

Michelle Donald, a physiotherapist at Donald Physiotherapy in Saskatoon, explained what the road to recovery could look like for the Roughriders’ franchise quarterback.

“With a tibial plateau fracture, it’s basically at the top of the tibia, which is a big bone in the lower leg that sits just below the kneecap. It’s a substantial injury,” she said Monday.

“A lot of times with these surgeries – if they go well – depending on the nature of the break, there is a chance he could return, but it will depend on his rehab and if there’s any infection or anything else that can happen.”

Donald said the first six weeks after surgery for Harris will likely see him having to do a lot of sitting around before he can start to rehab and strengthen the muscles again.

“Bony tissue typically takes six to 12 weeks to heal or form what’s called a callus,” Donald said. “Now, the surgery is going to help with that because it’s going to stabilize the actual break and after he’s gone through that first six’ish weeks, he’ll be able to start strengthening, but it will depend on the full extent of the injury.”

Donald said the most comparable injury to the one Harris suffered is that sustained by Ottawa Redblacks quarterback Jeremiah Masoli against Saskatchewan last season at Mosaic Stadium.

Masoli was carried off the field after taking a late, low hit from then-Riders defensive tackle Garrett Marino.

Masoli had to have reconstructive surgery to the bones in his right knee and was forced to miss a full year because of infections suffered following the surgery. He ruptured his left Achilles tendon in his first game back this season.

“He had a very similar fracture to Harris and what set him back was an infection,” Donald said. “Depending on again how well (Harris) rehabs and his physical health beforehand, he should be fine.”

Donald noted that from what she’s seen, Harris is in terrific shape.

According to Donald, it typically takes 20 to 40 weeks for someone to recover and rehab from a fractured tibial plateau.


Most Outrageous Best Case Scenario (MOBCS) for the Riders:

Trevor Harris is cleared for action for the last game of the season when coincidently ALL of the Riders injured stars also find themselves healthy and Saskatchewan goes on to make a playoff run that takes them to the Grey Cup as the crossover team.

You read it here first.