Photos (slideshow) of the 31-3 butt whupping!

My son and daughter-in-law were at a conference all weekend in Toronto and went to the game friday night…they just e-mailed me some photos so I quickly made up a slide show for ya’ll…

Note the scoreboard…31-3…nyuck, nyuck!

click here to see the butt whupping!

did I mention the score?..31-3 :lol:

nice to see an argos logo at centre field...if only all the CFL teams did this. ( or atleast somewhere on the field )...calgary has them in the endzones and winnipeg has thiers at centre field.

THANKS for sharing


You'll have to forgive me as I neglected to add a photo of Keith Pelley to the 'slideshow' taken after the final gun sounded on Friday night.

Here it is....

click here

Great Photos Mike,

Be sure to send out a thank you shout to your son and daughter in law.
Peace out

Thanks for sharing Mike.

Thanks Mikey. Man, is it just me or does the Rogers Centre look so much better with the football configuration than the baseball one, just makes it actually have character. Maybe it's just me since I like football so much better than baseball, I don't know, hard to put my finger on it. Probably because I'm seeing on the sports highlights all the new baseball stadiums which have a retro look and the Rogers Centre doesn't have this but football and the retro look dont' matter as much, maybe this is it.

You could have waited a few minutes until he composed

did they flag Eak for that out of bounds pass behind timekeepers bench?

Thanks Mike, dosnt that Randell look like a real moose. :smiley: