Photo's of tonight Game against the Bombers!

I few photo's I took tonight on the game vs the Bomers. What a great game! GO CATS GO!
Sorry if you dont have favebook, but they are made public, so you should be able to see them.
Enjoy :thup:

[url=] ... 412&type=1[/url]

Thanks Bruce, great pics great win. :thup:

Unable to view your pics, Bruce, but I did get to view you, up close, on two different occasions in the telecast, as I had to miss the game and taped it for watching late last night. Just like the Cats, you performed well.

Thanks for the pics Bruce!

I saw him both times too. :thup:

Thanks guys, means alot when I get feedback on the photo's some people think all you do is point and shoot, but there is alot more then that, took be over 4 hours to do the album as I took over 800 shots and these where the best of the best!
Here is a video of Bruce13thMan on creating the Players as this come down the pathway onto the field!

Awesome meeting you and Phyllis Bruce, as usual great shots.

You're as passionate a fan as they come Bruce, it was a pleasure to see you at the Box J tailgate and in the stands. Hope you get out to some more games.