Photos - Labour Day Classic

Hi everyone...

I've updated my blog with a selection of photos from the game: CFL: 2009.09.07: Labour Day Classic – Hamilton 34 – Toronto 15 – Ron Scheffler – Photographer – Hamilton Ontario Canada

I also spent about an hour over at the tailgate at Scott Park before the game and will post some of those photos to the blog in the next day or so...

Thanks - Ron

Nice Photos ,good job!

Excellent shots … thanks for sharing :rockin:

Thanks Ron .. Your pics are brilliant, and I like how you have them arranged into a narrative of the game.

:thup: Really Nice! :thup:

I heard that Simeon Rottier had to work on his intensity, that he was maybe too nice.
Looks pretty scary in his photo!

Great pictures!!

The Great shots

Amazing shots...awesome! Really capture the energy and emotion.
Love the shot of the crowd giving it to that ejected Argo!

WOW! These are amazing!!!

Cobb = THE MAN, I love the pic with his shoe falling off. :lol:

great pictures!

Love the pictures great job

Thanks guys!

If you go back in the blog archive there are also photos from the last few games. Probably easiest to click on the CFL category link.

And I posted another set to my blog, this time fan shots tailgating at Scott Park. CFL: 2009.09.07: Labour Day Classic – Tailgating – Ron Scheffler – Photographer – Hamilton Ontario Canada
If you're in any of the photos or know anyone who is, let me know through the contact link on my blog and I'll send you a copy.

BTW, is that pretty typical tailgating for every game, or bigger because it was on Labour Day against the Argos? It's the first time I've ventured over and will probably visit again if the potential is there for 'regular' games.


Just a little note about the pink haired woman, she was sitting in the box infront of me (whatever is infront is sect 24.) and the guy she was with is a comedian named Jason Rouse (from Hamilton moved to London, England) I remember seeing him on HBO. I didnt bother saying hello to the guy since I thought it would just be awkward, and his comedy is quite crude. :lol:

Amazing shots. The one of Stalla sitting on his helmet on the sidelines is awesome.
It seems like Dave is savouring every moment he's a Ticat. I see him doing this often when not playing.
Great shots all around!