Photos From Tonight Win in Toronto 32-13

:lol: IT nice put photo up from a Win


Thanks, those are some great photos. I'm glad for the next game the crowd won't look like ZZ top.

Your Welcome
I took over 350 Tonight
I Only uploaded 115 to the photo site..

I love taking Photos ..

I took over 350 Tonight
So thats why you go home and watch the replay of the games tom, you miss it the first time cus your taking pictures!! :lol: , thanks for the photos!

I am little bit geeky
I love find out why a plays Work or it don’t
I will break Each play Frame by Frame.
I look at Line Spilts and Blocking .
Did Defence Blitz sit back in Cover 2.
or did they go man to man.

I also take photos to look each play as well.
Sometime I take a few Photos with me to Pratices
Then Show them charile and Coaching Staff.
They’ll point things I miss.

It very Informtive… I love Learning that way.

Sometime Durring a Game Night I wil get to bed around 4 or 5 AM.

Thanks for sharing the photos

Nice photos! :wink: