Photos from the Spectator archives.

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I know in my mind that Zuger played safety for a couple of years, but most of my memories of him are as QB and kicker. So I'm always taken aback when I see pictures of him making plays on the ball, like this one.

Thanks for posting the link. Great pictures, which bring back great memories.

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I didn't know that. I was wondering about that picture. Thanks! Very cool!

He was originally brought in as safety and kicker, knowing that he could take over as QB if needed, and got to play there a lot in his rookie season with Faloney injured.

From CFLapedia (

Zuger might be better remembered for ability as a punter rather than for his ability as a QB. That is not so much a slur on his quarterbacking skill, as it is praise for his punting. Three times in his career, Zuger average over 48 yards a punt. Zuger joined the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 1962, and played his entire 10 year CFL career with Hamilton. In his rookie season, Zuger shared the QB duties with Canadian Frank Cosentino, as Hamilton's #1 QB, Bernie Faloney was injured.Zuger had a pretty good rookie seson, completing 55.7% of his 113 passes, and had an excllent 15 to 6 TD to Interception ratio. With Faloney back in 1963, Zuger became a full-time defensive back. He had actually had 4 interceptions in his rookie season, and added 5 more in 1963. Injuries limited Zuger to just 8 games in 1964, and in 1965, with the trading of Bernie Faloney to Montreal, Zuger moved back to QB. He shared the QB duties with Cosentino in 1965 and 1966, before taking over as the sole #1 QB in 1967. 1967 and 1968 were Zuger's best a as QB, both with over 300 pass attempsts and yards passing of 2771 and 2616 yards. Injuries cut Zuger back to only 11 games in 1969 and only 9 in 1970. In his final season, in 1971, Zuger returned to play all 14 games, completing 48.6% of his 265 passes for 1632 yards.

Once again. thanks for the Zuger info, and that great website! :thup: Love it!

[quote="CaptainKirk"]Very cool. Check 'em out!

Cap'n: Thanks for the link!!!!
Found the photo I was looking for....1962 (naturally). :slight_smile:
The one I have from the Telegram is from Grey Cup week of that year. Little did we know what a crazy Grey Cup game it would turn out to be!

No problem. I go there quite often to get info on past players.

Here's another great site I just heard about- It has more pictures and write-ups. I gather some of the pictures there are courtesy of Scott Grant (imagemaker46). And if pictures are what you're looking for, his own site is also a great source (

Thanks Captain for the heads ups, fantastic photos. man talk about a walk down memory lane, hell that was no lane it was the Trans Canada Highway. :rockin:

This one's hilarious.

Is that the Gay Cup?

Very cool, thanks, I've sent the link to someone I work with whose Dad played briefly for the Cats way back, Herb Obermeyer. I'm sure she'll appreciate it.

Great pictures - look at the fan support at the Connaught. Speaking of the Connaught, I love the recent rennovations to a grand old building(not) pathetic.................................... Just arguements sake, how many games did the Tiger Cats play in the 60's............................

Flashback time! :D :D :D

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He was drafted out of Arizona State as a three-way player (with QB as his calling card) and many of the early football cards for Joe here in Hamilton billed him as a DB. Just an outstanding "Swiss Army Knife" of a guy to have on your team as Henley too.

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