Photos from Aug. 8 Esks vs. Ticats game

Hi everyone.

I didn't see any game photo threads listed so I'll offer a link to my photos:

I wouldn't say it was my best game photographically, but got some of the key plays like Thompson's lateral to Tisdale and managed to keep the equipment mostly dry, which was a challenge.

As always, a full set of photos from the game are in my CFL archive: But there are many, so be patient or use the search function.


Holy smokes !

Those are some of the best Tiger-Cat action shots I've ever seen. :rockin:

....your sense of timing is incredible eg. Helmet coming off, the lateral, breaking the plane of the goal-line with the ball (see the pooled water under that pile of bodies?)

I also like your close up head seem to capture the player's personality with each shot.

Nice work! :slight_smile:

Great stuff! Thanks for linking them!

Oski Wee Wee,


great pictures

Very nice pics, talented photographer....Thanks for sharing. :thup:

Well done!

It's too bad you had to watermark them, kind of ruins the pics. The black and white ones at the end of D.Cobb look like they belong in a gatorade commercial. 8)

Thanks everyone, much appreciated! I’ve been covering Ticats games on and off since about 1993 whenever my schedule allows, in addition to over 150 NFL games since 1999. So yeah, I’ve had a few years to practice. BTW, CFL games are more difficult to photograph due to the larger field, more frequent changes in possession and more wide open play. But they’re usually more fun IMO.

I noticed that other than the official CFL related websites or major media outlets, such at the Spectator, there really isn’t a good source of Ticats game action photos that show off entire games (or as much of games as possible), so hope to do that as much as possible this season on my blog and archive. At the moment my schedule should allow me to be at all of the upcoming home games.

I agree the watermarks are somewhat annoying, especially on the B&W images, but they serve a purpose. My hope is to show the photos but not necessarily make them freely available for other media entities to “borrow” anonymously. The investment in equipment, let alone time, is substantial. That said, if someone is interested in photos for a blog, etc. just let me know and I can offer a few with a more subtle url watermark in one corner.



Are there any better football photos anywhere?

Those are some of the best action shots I've ever seen. Thanks for sharing them. :smiley:

8) Yes indeed, some excellent pics there for sure !!