Photos From 1st Vet Practice 2007

I am Sharing some of my photos with my Fellow Ticat Fans.
PM me If Have Problems.

Thanks for the photo's real nice.

Thanks for the photos, Onknight.

I can't make it to all the practices so its

nice to have your photos to fall back on.

Very nice. Thanks!

Great pics.
Thanks a lot for posting them.

Great pictures thanks, do you know who is wearing which number on the wide receivers, is Talman Gardner #83?

Yes Gardner is #83.

Nice pics, Tom.

Thanks for posting the photos, Onknight. Well done!

hey anybody who went to TC how is gardner doing? same with cavil?

One photo in particular tells us that number 40 isn't being groomed as yet another QB at camp.

The roster at has Ryan Glasper #40. our new signing from Boston College (!). marked as a QB.

Seriously, thanks for the photos. Loved the shot of Corey Holmes blocking.

Oskee Wee Wee

I like Gardner. He’s got a lot of attitude out there and he looked good. Cavil made a couple of nice grabs as well.