Photos de la victoire

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Par Benoit Pelosse

Wow ! Thanks for sharing Ben...

Very nice!!!! :thup:

The pics look great! They really capture the energy on the field. : )

Great pictures Ben. :thup: Cheer leader's uniforms :thdn:

Great photos and I loved the cheerleader's outfits. So French! :rockin:

Well, so 60ish really

WoW!!! Excellent job!!!! :rockin:

Nicely done! :thup:

Yeah nice would have been cool to see the 2 vintages flags that the guys ran with, when they got out of the helmet at the beginning of the game !

Ben is the offilcial Als photographer, he was doing a book of his pictures, i saw someone with it, it was great, i hope he pushes the sale of it, definitely worth it.