Photographs of the Moncton stadium construction

For those interested

I've uploaded a small video and some photographs of the Moncton Stadium taken this week.

Use the zoom function to see a high res version.

Nice pictures. It's a nice looking stadium eerily similar to Saputo Stadium in Montreal.

Can't wait!!!
The viewrship for this game is gonna be off the charts I bet. First time in an untapped market.

Identical... minus the mini-grandstand behind the goal (3000 seats). 10 000 seast stadium.

Here is a video of what the expansion looks like.

Losts of end zone seats...

That's cool, I didn't know that the metal grandstand was supposed to have folding seats. It's way better than aluminum bleachers.

Overall, a good-looking stadium! Needs an expansion for a full-time CFL team, but overall I like it!

They already have a very good idea of how they will do the first round of expansion to bring it up to 20 000 seats. This new approach to building on small stadiums is smart and may allow decent facilities without mortgaging a generation.

Photos look good. I think my wife and I will drive from Ottawa to the game, since we're not going to the Grey Cup in Edmonton in 2010. :thup:

Not to be a downer, but come on folks this is nothing more than a high school looking stadium.
In fact, I have seen better looking high school stadiums in the US.
Why not build it right from the start, a 25,000 seat stadium, with no bleachers and private boxes.

Well for one thing it would not be ready for the Worlds Championship in May. This was bulit from concept to handing the keys over in less than 18 months.

To give you an idea how unfairly represented Atlantic Canada is in terms of infrastrucutes this will be the biggest stadium in all of the four atlantic provinces.

We've waited 60 years so what's another five years or so...

What you can't see from the pictures is how the stadium can and will eventually attach to the building behind it. Tons of parking, easy access from two highway. Support facilities from Indoor practice facility, gym, pools.

Something I really like about the place is there is rarely any strong winds. Every time I've been therein summer or fall. It is very comfortable.