Photo Request

Hello from Sin City,

I am looking for help from anyone with a photo of WR Ray Elgaard wearing his helmet. He was my daughter's soccer coach, and he is looking forward to signing a full-size authentic helmet I have.

However, I would like to detail it to look just as his did when he was playing, but I have no photos to work from. I do have many game tapes, but these are in storage and I will not have access to them for some time.

If anyone can help, I prefer digital images and can supply an email addy for them to be forwarded to; I just need them for reference only to detail a full-size helmet.

Thank you in advance!


While I don't have any pictures of Ray E. I am sure there are a number around. You might want to talk to the Leader Post, the newspaper in Regina. Also search for 89 Grey Cup, on the net.

Say hi to him from a guy who bleeds green. Tell him we haven't had a slot back remotely close to his calibre since he and Fairholm left. He is sorely missed.

Man, it was amazing watching a guy with great hands, who also loved to bulldoze over DB's.

Definitely one of the greatest CFL slotbacks of all time.


Go to and type "Ray Elgaard" into the search box. There will be a couple of Elgaard images in there.

Thanks fellas, I appreciate it...I've searched Google high & low, with various spelling variations and team references, but all without luck. That's why I posted here. Oh well, I'll just have to break out my old game tapes and watch them carefully along with judicious use of the "Pause" button.

Thank you!