Photo of THF taken from Mountain Brow July 11

I took this yesterday from the Hamilton Mountain Brow. I could not seem to post the photo directly so the link will have to do unless some kind soul can point out how to do this.


Nice shot tcmik. :thup:

8) Nice picture Mike !! Exactly where were you on the Mtn. Brow when you took the picture ??
   Just curious.

Beautiful shot! Forgive me if it accidentally on purpose becomes my desktop background! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,


Great shot Mike! From that angle I'm liking even more the silver seats with just a few rows of bright gold or yellow and good to see the green of the turf instead of the washed out look we've seen from webcams.

Did you create an HDR picture?? It sure looks like one, with the saturated blues. If so, you did a good job.

With your permission of course...

For some reason some got chopped off the top but here is the important part of tcmik's pic. I like!

Awesome shot tcmik. Just got back from vacation, should walk over and take a look for myself

i actually like the grey/silver seats with yellow/gold accents. looks sharp

Looks like you can play a game there tomorrow... :slight_smile:

I rode my bike along Mtn Brow today and I'm guessing from the angle that the picture looks to be from the brow in the area behind the Juravinski hospital. That would be my guess at least. It does look impressive from up there - much more so than the old stadium.

There is an "Img" button at the top of the text are when posting a message here. Put your cursor where you want to insert the picture, then click that button. It adds codes or tags that the website understands. You need to get the direct URL link copied from Flickr or Photobucket or where ever your photo is stored. It must be an internet-addressable location. That's important. Then paste this URL between the tags and the image will be shown in your post. Good luck!

I like very much as well. Hopefully he will be able to post a picture of the completed stadium from the same vantage point. It would be awesome to see the completed scoreboard and players on the field.

evil: Naw...from what I can see the washrooms have not been painted yet. :frowning:

Great photo though!

I took this picture from just west of the ER entrance at Juravinski. It is actually four photos stitched together. I did that to give it a closer view. I did not Use HDR at all. I processed this in Lightroom 5 and brought out some of the colours. I have done some other pictures along the way. I did a picture from the same area the day before Ivor Whynne was set for demolition. I will definitely do some pics when the stadium is complete. I am hoping they will let me bring my camera gear in on opening day/night. but will see!
Thanks for all the complements I appreciate them.

They were well deserved. :rockin: