Photo contest for Season Tickets - Wat's up?

Can someone in the Ti-Cats Organization give us an update on what happened with the contest for fan picture submissions for the 2009 season ticket stock? Have the decisions been made, and have those fans that were successful to be printed on the tickets been notified?


I was hoping that I would hear that they at least received my e-mail submission. The way my internet works someday's, there's always the chance that my e-mail didn't get through or my attached picture may not have survived any filters.

I even sent a follow up e-mail asking if they received my submission but still didn't get a response.

The winners of the Season Ticket Picture Contest have been picked and will be announced shortly.

If your matter is urgent please call (905) 547 2287.


Thanks Joe.

If this was an "urgent" matter, I'd have issues. I was just looking for an update, and what you provided is great. Thanks for the info. Looking forward to the season!


Hmmmmmmmmm, no phone messages, guess my photo did not win. Oh well.

Well got my email this morning did not win, oh well, but I do like all of the photos they did pick.

Great job cats :thup:

i dont like all of them ... i didnt win either but i thought they could have picked some better ones

Would have been a tough call either way, and I'm sure some people were disappointed. All-in-all, a good cross-section was chosen. Thanks for the interesting contest!


How many pictures were received for the contest ??

where are the pictures posted that were chosen that you seen ?

I didn't win either. I am actually very disappointed once I saw the photos that were chosen.

I submitted a picture of my sister and I from the 80's, down on the field with TC and TC is biting my head off.

A lot better than most of the pics I saw.

The Cats should have opened up the voting online, taken the 20 most voted for pics and then decide amongst themselves what 12 they liked.

I thought about submitting a picture of my kids all decked out, but then I didn't know what kind of weirdos might be getting tickets so I didn't. :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue: Kidding.

I thought most of those pics were pretty cute.

Where can you find the pictures that won on the site???

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