photo construction of empire filed

here is the link of how empire field is taking shape, looking good can't waite. apprently a few canuck players have season tickets for the lions this year.

Go Canucks Go- Canucks beat Kings in 5 games.

very cool.

Good to see progress is moving quickly. I've been more than a little worried about how they'd pull this one off!

Good too see is going to be grass or turf?

And screw the Canucks go Kings. :rockin:

canucks win canucks win

anywase i was down at the empire site today and the head forman said they are 8 days ahead of schduale.

if they could put this up so fast, then why couldn't they do this in Toronto and get out of the Rodgers Centure.

David Braily should consider that.

Looking at it, I imagine there are a few trade-offs. All the seating would feel shaky and you'd probably sense all the movement - people standing up or ascending the steps. It just seems fragile. Probably noisy as well.

I'll check it out, however I'm thinking this is something fans are going to endure this year, as opposed to enjoying.

Have to take a look at the pics. Thought I'd pass this article around from the Times&Transcript out east, written by a former CFL'er, Jan Carinci talking about the Moncton stadium. I think it's a bit tongue-in-cheek type of article, a fun read, as I'm sure Jan sees a lot of positives with some new and renovated stadiums happening:

Stadium can pick up cheap seats

[i]Seems every CFL city is taking a page from our book and building -- or at least talking about building -- a new stadium.

In Vancouver, the Lions will play the 2010 season in the soon-to-be-completed $14.4-million Empire Field while the $444-million renovation for BC Place is completed.

That's a lot of sold Olympic tickets!

The 27,500-seat stadium is being constructed on the old Empire Stadium site.

Empire Stadium was the original home of the Lions when they entered the league in 1954 and the Leos played there until BC Place opened in 1983.

Empire Field will have a dozen private suites and a press box.

Twenty thousand of the seats will be bucket-style, the rest bench-style.

But here's the kicker: once the renovations that include a retractable roof for BC Place are completed, Empire Field will be ... torn down!

They've got so much money out there they can afford a disposable stadium.

Note to Moncton city officials: cheap seats for permanently expanding Stade Moncton 2010 Stadium available out west.

As the story goes, Swiss-based company Nussli is currently involved in finding homes for approximately 45,000 seats that were used as "non-permanent seating" at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

But if Moncton wants those seats they better move fast because there will be others knocking at Nussli's door.

In both Manitoba and Saskatchewan there's talk of new stadiums for both the Roughies and the Bombers.

In Winnipeg the deal is done as the provincial government has partnered with real estate tycoon David Asper.

The province is providing $90 million in loan guarantees to Asper's Creswin Properties to build a $115-million, 33,000-seat stadium.

If by 2016 the money has not been repaid, Mr. Asper will get hit with a property tax bill larger than the provincial debt of New Brunswick.

In Regina they're moving a little slower, but then they're talking about a lot more money.

The provincial government of Saskatchewan has done what most provincial governments are very good at: they've spent a million bucks -- on a feasibility study.

That study concluded that a retractable roof facility that would be the new home for the Saskatchewan Roughriders could cost up to $431 million.

That's a lot of hay!

The government is said to be exploring possible financial arrangements.

A domed stadium in Regina? That would be like putting one in Green Bay, wouldn't it? Just something about it that's not quite right.

Can you imagine Ron Lancaster or George Reed playing in a dome, leaving the field with nothing but sweat stains on their uniforms?

Or Roughriders fans driving three hours to see a game and being forced to watch it in a climate-controlled environment?

The watermelon-hat-wearing-paint-yourself-green-and-light-your-head-on-fire-fans would soon be replaced by cappuccino-sipping, Gucci sunglasses-wearing urbanites who have totally never bailed hay.

Is this the future of our league?

To make matters worse, the last bastion of toughness in Canadian Football League stadiums is now also threatened by our nation's ability to attract world championship events that require ... more modern facilities.

To quote Paul Wilson from Southam Newspapers, "Welcome to Ivor Wynne. Where you can reach out and actually touch a Ticat. Where cheerleaders wear buttons that say Argos Suck. Where the black is the painted steel pillars and the gold, even on a cold day, is lager in clear plastic cups."

That's right, Hamilton's Ivor Wynne Stadium, built during the hey-day of steel producers Dofasco and Stelco.

Home to the only CFL team to ever defeat a current National Football League team when Hamilton beat the Buffalo Bills 38-21 on August 8, 1961.

The place where CFL legends like Angelo Mosca, Ralph Sazio, Rocky DiPietro and Ben Zambiazi played like the blue-collar fans they represented may soon fall to the wrecking ball.

You see, Toronto won the rights to host the 2015 Pan Am Games and included in the winning bid were new facilities to be constructed throughout the Greater Golden Horseshoe, a region that includes Hamilton.

The proposed $102-million stadium is likely to be built on Hamilton's waterfront in a location known as Tiffany Bluff.

Better act soon, City of Moncton, those cheap Olympic seats, like our memories of great CFL stadiums past, won't last long.[/i]

  • Jan Carinci played 10 seasons in the CFL and was a member of the 1983 Grey Cup Champion Toronto Argonauts. Jan and his family have called Moncton home since 2001. - Published Thursday April 15th, 2010

months ago they said they’d be using the turf from BC Place

too bad the Als didnt buy the seats refered to in the article...says they have 45,000 seats left from the olympics and empire stadium is only using 20,000.....molson stadium coulda taken the remaning 25,000. instead, molson stadium will have to stick to bench seating...oh well

drummer, don't write-off bench seating as "not professional" or that. Look at the renovated Lambeau Field, home of the Packers, over half of that stadium and maybe close to 3/4 of it is bench seating from what I can see. Yes, nice aluminum bench seating rather that splinter infested bench seating covered with layer upon layer of paint to prevent the splinters getting into your skin here in Hamilton at Ivor Wynne, but good aluminum or quality wood bench seating has a real basic type throwback football feel to it I think.

Every football stadium should have some bench seating I think to give it that look and feel I'm talking about.

i have no problem with bench seating. but when an opportunity for cheap bucket seats is available....

even if the als bought enough to make their lower tier on the south side all seats, then leave the new upper deck as benches, that woulda been fine too.

it still would have been nice - and im sure als fans would agree - for all of molson stadium to have been done in these bucket seats at low cost.

It still would have been nice - and im sure als fans would agree - for all of molson stadium to have been done in these bucket seats at low cost.

I'll disagree with your thoughts here. Also you have to know how comfortable the bucket seats are, if they are too narrow and you're a full bodied person, bench seating is more accomadating. Also people expect pure luxury for NHL type seating since they expect indoor arenas to be like theatres actually. Whereas there is an element to the outdoors that people like about being outdoors, away from all the fancy smancy indoor luxury type arenas or stadiums. Don't get me wrong, I think all stadiums need to have some bucket seats, more expensive seating, for that element of the fanbase that want that. But not all and I don't think more than half to be honest.

That's one thing I hate about the Rogers Centre, for baseball in the outfield you want that bench, basic feel to that part but it's too fancy out there, doesn't work for me. They need some bench seating to give the place more feel. Just like some end zone or near end zone seating for football, make it cheap and bench.

unfortunately for us regular bodied people, sitting on bench seating sucks when your sat next to 'full bodied people' who take up all the space you paid for.

you al's fans are in for a treat with the new renovations, it is going to look great, and have it's own idenity.

Old empire is rising
back home from the ground
but the cheap tin seats
make a foreshawdowing sound
when the north wind blows
from the Iron makers bridge
the whining created
is like when Lions fans cringe
The wind, salt and rain
along with seagulls poop
will kneel even the hardiest fans
to pray for a roof

but most distressful of all
in the muckiest grass
is another BC fumble
or another dropped pass
for without a ceiling
to stop all the drip
poor Lions are useless
cold, weak, without any grit!

As the losses mount
in the wind and rain
even wally is wondering
why Empire again?
"Should we change our name?
with all this bad luck,
from the B.C. Lions
the B.C. Ducks?"
Then on 3rd down
all hear a gurgling sound
from the bubbling ground
Paul McCallum is down
Alas, the foot has drown.

Old empire is back
with a moral you see
attend a game at Empire
remember your PFD (personal floating device!)

:roll: :oops: :wink: :rockin: :cowboy:

Riders Rule
Rider Pride Nation Wide

:lol: That was hilarious, turkey!

Starting to look good.
Having said that, with about two months left will this be done in time?

Yes they said it will be done by the 8th or so by june the lions are scheduled to plat there exhibition game in there on june 15th.

Yes. Apparently they're a little ahead of schedule (it's basically a pre-fab stadium). I went there last Sunday and, with no one around, got a good look at it. There are only about 30 rows of seats and it will be in a bowl configuration. Mountain views from field level are amazing.

The west stands which they've erected seem to be a little far from the field but it's really hard to tell without the east stands in place. Seating is not as gradual and sloped as I thought, which is good.

here are recent photos, man they are putting this thing up fast, keep in mind that they have to put the siding on the outside and in, and all the induviduale seats and benches