Besides the crucial salary cap, this to me is probably the next biggest issue. It is long overdo to increase the roster size especially now that the league is flourishing. I'd say let's go to 45, adding two non imports and 3 imports. In addition, making the third QB, the usual clipboard guy, a Canadian so that we can develop better Canadian QB's.

I like that idea of the 3rd QB being Canadian.....We need to discover another Russ Jackson!

why add more players to a roster?....then your dividing 3.8 million by 45 players instead of 40

The increased roster is needed as all of the coaches will tell you. As for the salary cap, the current $3.8M which TW will introduce can be a starting point. Maybe it will be negotiated upward, let's say at $4.5 or $5M.

hell no.....3.8 -4 mill...thats all.

As the league grows and it has substantially dollar wise, why not increase the cap. Just like the NHL. And especially for the poor players who we all agree when compared to other spoiled and overpaid athletes, deserve same. Hell there is nothing wrong with let's say an average salary of $100,000 per player.

QB count under the ratio with at least one from Canada, yes, but I don't know about the number of players, can the lower, cummunity clubs really afford 45 players? Does Canada have the pop for that? I'm think either 40 or 42.

current 39: 19 non imports, 17 imports, 3 QBs
42: 21(or 20) non imports, 18(or 19) imports, 3 QBs with at least one non import
40: 20(or 19) non imports, 17(or 18 ) imports, 3 QBs with at least one non import

Some NFL influence with the 45 numbers, methinks.

Argotom, I agree with you, make the number of players on the roster 45. It doesn't need to happen in one year, you can add a player a year over the life of the CBA with the players union. Slowly but surely you can absorb the extra players into your roster...I say add a forth QB to the roster and that one should be your Canadian. Frankly I don't believe that there are 9 Canadian QB's in the college ranks that can play at this level. You only have 25 or so universities playing college ball, I don't see 1/3 of them being quality QB's.

Well I like the idea of an Increased Roster, and a bigger Salary cap. I do like the idea of developing better Canadian QB's. Unfortunatley Canadian players are looked as worse players which is not at all true. But thats the way the cookie crumbles. The ideas of a bigger cap and larger roster shows a great turn around for our great league. Congrats to TW and all the work and success he has had with the CFL.

Canadian players = bad??? NO WAY!!! I've seen fantastic plays done by great Canadian players who IMO put on a better show than the NFL (yes, including Imports, some a Great like the Canadians, and some are just plain bad)!!! YOU CANN'T BE A TEAM IN THIS LEAGUE AND WIN THE GC WITHOUTGREAT CANADIAN TALENT, HECK, THAT'S WHY IT'S THE CANADIAN FOOTBALL LEAGUE!!! So quit the inferior complex guys, you are just as good as anybody else, don't ever make any body let you think otherwise. If you lose, you just pick yourselves off the ground and play another game again.

Hey Kanga! No one said that Canadians could not play QB. What I said is I did not think there were 9 guys able to step in and play this year. Maybe over a period of a number of years you could fill the quota. For a guy who has NEVER watched a CIS game you sure have a lot of opinions about the quality of play. . What you could do to prove your point is name 9 QB's you would consider good enough to play in the CFL next year ,who are Canadians, and who either played in the CIS or NCAA. ..Your on the clock..

i hope the cap is of right now, and as league revenues increase, so to does the cap...much like the NHL's cap ( which is said to increase next year because of good revenues ).

3.8 is where i hope they start, and with new sponsor money and a new tv in '07, they can increase the cap.

  1. Benoît Groulx (Laval)
  2. Steven Bilan (Saskatchewan)
  3. Ryan Pyear (Laurier)
  4. Darryl Salmon (Alberta)
  5. Jonathan Jodoin (Montreal)
  6. Josh Sacobie (Ottawa)
  7. Scott Syvret (Concordia)
  8. Michael Faulds (WO)
  9. Ryan Zahara (Manitoba)

  1. James Michener (Acadia)

there, those are 10 CIS Canadian QBs would I think could fill the 3nd QB spot. They may not get to play in their frist year, but they deserve a chance to play in the CFL if they want to.

...LIKE THE FACT THE LEAGUE CAN CHECK OUT INDIVIDUAL we will get a true picture of what has been going on....seems every club exceeded the floor/cap in 05....and also if side deals continue....and the league finds out about them....APPARENTLY there can be penalties imposed....conclusively it looks like the league and Mr. Wright have finally taken a firm step in the right direction...insuring fairness...and securing the future for the CFL....great work Tom....... :!:

signed 'still a little skeptical'...BUT 'certainly more hopeful'

sorry...this should be under 'cap approved' got so immersed in it forgot where I was

Kanga, i give you credit, I would have told me to screw off. The question I now have for you is how many of these guys are eligible to be drafted this year? And one final point , no one deserves the chance for anything, you have to earn it. Most of the teams in the CFL don't have the money or time to bring someone along for a few years in the hopes he can contribute down the road. With the small rosters and the lack of cash you need to be able to produce immediately, not in four or five years. Anyway, thanks for looking into it for me, I may look these guys up.

Kanga but don;t get to stressed over the Canadian QB talk. Ya they are good QB's currently in the CIS, but alot of them are still able to play in the CIS. So jumping this quick wouldn;t be successful. Let the QB's gain more CIS experience and mature into better players before making the jump.

I just whet to the CIS site and just took the top QBs from the roster, I also had a good NCAA Basketball article about Canadian players that I found but was removed, too bad cuz that was part of my argurment. When I say that they desevre a chance, I mean in desinating a spot for a Canadian QB under the import rule. I hope each of these guys continue their careers as football players in the CFL, but like other players, they would have to get jobs in the off season cuz that's just how it is in the CFL, and I don't think the fans want it any other way. Don't know when they can come into the league, if they want of not, but when they can, I how they do.

I hope the league makes the Canadian QB a rule. The game needs to promote Canadian QBs as well as other players. This is the Canadian Football League, Canadian players should play and not have to worry about imports. Canadians should compelete with Canadians and Imports should compete with Imports, same should be for QBs.

I have a question, the roster is now 42 players (and that's where it should say, cuz that brings in 18 extra players to the league, 9 Canadians and 9 imports) but how does that firgue out in the import rule? how many Canadains? and imports?

and QBs say the same at 3 right? although I'd like it if one was a Canadian.

I aske becase if you add one to both non import and import, it's 20 non imports, 18 imports, and 3 QBs, but id you add that up, that's 41 players, not 42.


Upon review, not a bad guess on my behalf with the final roster set at 46, of which 42 play in a given game.