Philthy's ????

If I remember from last year there was discussion on here about some members reserving a table there to watch the away games. If this is true let me know it this still goes on. Sounds like it would be a good time and maybe it would be somthing to start up again.

how bout getting a few tables at the sundowner in niagara falls.

The best place to watch the away games would be at the EndZone Bar & Grill, at 1900 King St E. This place boasts 13 plasma screens and a huge projection screen tv. Great food, great prices and cheap beer!

We went to the endzone after Labour Day and had a great time. It's our new favorite sports bar....great food, TV's everywhere.

That was the first time the TigerVision ever showed me an advertisement that was worth while...

That sounds great for NOW, but what's going to happen when the CFL playoffs start and the "Super Duper NFL" is in full swing. I can hear it now: "Well, we can put the CFL game on the small TV screen in the corner, I guess, but we can't have the sound on....Sorry man, most of the people in this bar are here to watch REAL football".