Philthy Mcnastys

I remember last year people talked about going to Philthys to watch the game. There were tables reserved for fans only. Any word if that is going to happen this year. If anyone has any imformation let me know. thanx. :roll:

isnt philthy's owned by mike o'shea? sure i heard him say that on TSN's off the record.

I thought Morreale was part owner of McNasty's

maybe some players each own one of thier own?...or maybe thiey're partners in it?...

do all philthy's show the CFL games regularly?

if so, i found a new summer hang-out.

I think there are several owners, but I think the big Neon ARGOS S*** sign precludes Mike O'Shea from having much to do with the Upper James location.

Hey D G

I am pretty sure the Burlington Philthys shows most CFL games due to Mike Morreale owns that one at least last I knew he did.

I am sure they would change to a game for you

Philthy's is, I believe, owned by a number of players, possibly including O'Shea, but (presuming things haven'r changed) Mike Philbrick was one of the investors, possibly Mike Morreale, as well.

Great place to watch a game. Good food, nice bar, whats the objection?

As far as I know there wasn't any objections just people inquiring about the ability to watch games there

Philthy's TV commercial with Morreale and O'Shea included :wink:

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good find...thanks.

lol....I've posted this other clip in the past but since we're on a new board and new members are with us, awwww, what the heck, here it is again....

drum roll!.....the President of the United States promotes Philthy McNastys too! :lol:

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I know Philthy’s on the mountain is a big supporter of the Cat’s the the fan community.

Let them know you’d like to set aside the section infront of the big tv for any CFL game and they’ll hook you up with not only the section but putting the game on over the sound system.

Great people, great food and great service. As someone who regularly did this last year I encourage everyone to keep going there to watch the games.

I would make the reso for the game this Friday but I’m going to watch it live. I don’t want to miss a second of the new Cats on the field.

See ya there at Philthy’s soon!