Philpot, Als' offence step up to win 110th Grey Cup

Tyson Philpot knew one thing for sure.

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Demerio Houston is grossly over rated. Sure 8 takeaways over the season, but look at the actual stats that show how many times he was “burned”. That stat will show he is one of the most ineffective DBs in the league. I nick named him “Kingsford” as in charcoal. Because he gets burned so many times. Ask yourself this…why would any Quarterback throw in Houston’s area if he was so great? Cuz they know he is always late to the party when covering his assignments. Coaches know. Players know.

I’ve said that many times. Nichols is the real stud. They weren’t throwing at Nichols when they were trying to win the game and no sane coach would. Holm looks like he will be a keeper too.

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Holm is the real deal for sure.

Jon I gotta say this is the best pfp you have ever had. Like leagues above any of your previous ones.

Sorry, pfp? Not familiar with that abbreviation.

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Profile picture

I figured it out now as someone else used it. I always call it an avatar but I suppose there is more than one way to refer to it.