Philippe Cantin/La Presse Give Als Summer D Grade

Cantin doing a 3 part series on the "summer of our teams" - yesterday Impact (gave them a B), today Als, tomorrow Canadiens. It is supposedly to evaluate each team`s performance, activities, and charitable endeavours.

I was really upset when he gave the Als a D grade, but then again as a fan I am perhaps not that objective. (The story is not yet online to post, should be up a little later.)

He pointed out the Hawkins fiasco and the uncertainty of the Calvillo succession. Well the team reacted quickly enough in firing Hawkins, and in Marsh and Smith there are 2 potential future QBs. The defense has been exciting and so have special teams, although sometimes for the wrong reasons.

So if I were to play the silly Cantin game, I would give the Als summer at least a C.

Cantin the Cretin. He want's to be the next Bertrand Raymond. Make his name by doing dirty editorials and shock pieces.
He's irrelevant anyway.

My dog is a potential Alouettes quarterback
and up to this year had the same amount of CFL experience as either of our backups
Just not a very plausible one...

The neglect of this issue alone
Warrants the "D" grade...
Depending on the ultimate outcome...

Maybe even worse

Cantin ne parle pas des Alouettes s'il n'a pas de mal à dire de l'équipe. Ça dit absolument tout sur sa crédibilité sur le sujet. Il a probablement consulté ce qu'il considère comme un expert en la matière, Mario Tremblay.

Néanmoins, considérant la fiche des Alouettes et la façon dont l'attaque tourne dans le beurre depuis le début de la saison, je vois mal comment on pourrait donner un C à l'équipe jusqu'à maintenant.

La bonne nouvelle, c'est que les Alouettes ne sont pas encore hors de la course. La progression de l'attaque et des couvertures de bottés à partir de maintenant est ce qui pourrait améliorer la note finale. Pas de coupe à l'horizon, mais si l'attaque se met à ressembler à quelque chose digne de ce mot, l'espoir ne sera pas mort à la fin septembre non plus.

Philipe Cantin connait meme pas les reglements de la LCF. Son expertise vaut a peu pres la meme chose que s'il nous donnais son opinion de dessins techniques d'un avion ou d'un chirurgien. C'est un "joe connaissant" comme son "pere spirituel" Bertha Raymond :cowboy:

It's simple.. Cantin is one of those, and there are many, who will put the team on it's black list because owner & management aren't from Quebec. The Habs (local mgmt) & Impact (local ownership) have a leg up there.

That takes what could be a C, and becomes a D.

I REALLY don't care what the Raymond's and Cantin's of the world think about anything, and also wish we wouldn't even acknowledge their existence with a thread or a response. :wink:

I agree. I don't read them but they are still harmful to the prosperity of the team but daily papers have less and less influence.

how can this season so far be anything above a D?
its been ridiculous.

however there is a second half.

Its not the grade. He's never done a grading of summer before. If you don't do the article when things are going well you have no business doing them when things are rough. I supect you don't know the character whom we are speaking about.

Not sure anyone on here knows anyone's character. Lots of opinions , too many are stated as fact.
but if i was grading it would be a D.
And looking upwards.

That's your opinion :cowboy:

[i]Cantin is a dick!!!! This guy only writes about the Alouettes when there is something negative to say!!!

He knows nothing about football! He's exactly like his two spiritual fathers: Bertrand Raymond and Rejean Tremblay! Those two old farts are the worst drama queens this city has ever seen. They write stuff about sports they know nuttin about!

Cantin is like a junior apprentice to these two dikwads.

And if Cantin is grading the summer teams, why the duck is he grading the canadiens? DUH! They don't play in the summer...

This Cantin is a shill for the canadien de MTL and a douche :thdn: [/i]

:thup: You hit the nail on the head: he's just plain negative. Were he positive from time to time, I'd have no problem with his latest text: the D grade is deserved. But what got me miffed was the lead on the paper's cover page. I guess bad news sells. :x

And that's your opinion too. :wink:

Difference is. I don't knock members for theirs. This is not a media outlet, its a chat room.

And that's why you're not on my Foe list. :smiley:

Difference of opinion, in and of itself, is great. Without it, message boards would just be gigantic echo chambers. But when difference of opinion is accompanied by rudeness, sarcasm, contempt, and general offensiveness, I stop paying attention.

I fail to see where by saying that too many opinions are stated as facts is knocking guys for their opinion.

I find it very common to read where " so and so" is this or that in derogatory terms, "this guy has no character", "he's not hurt" etc . Its my opinion that these are not facts and its fine to point out my view on that.

But each his own.

First dissing guys about their character is extremely rare on this forum. I know been here a while. Second if you want facts you go to the papers or media reports. If I say that Whyte won't put his body "in play" to make a tackle, that's my opinion of course its not fact. I'm not held to that. Or if at the time looking at Calvillo and thinking he could have come back in and finished the game is just that an opinion. I was proven wrong later but at the time that was my opinion. Its not a "sin". No one here is held to being right all the time. Its not a legal brief or a Newspaper article. That's the point of discussion forums.

I don't appreciate you constantly post about the "members". But hey, your entitled to it just like I'm allowed to write that Whyte has no leg or Calvillo is finished.

We differ.
I believe there are many character attacks
I believe we are accountable for opinions

So we will continue to post and read by preference.


Everything is opinion here, unless it's something that is actually libelous like "player X is a pedophile" etc.

I don't appreciate you constantly post about the "members".
That's why I put him on my Foe list. Every other post, he has to get a dig in at other members who have the audacity to hold differing opinions. It's just unpleasant and not why I post here. I come here to talk football and unwind, not to be harassed and insulted by people I don't even know...