Philip Blake NFL Combine reports

Bench Press 22 reps, ranked 11th.

As of right now, only the offensive linemen and tight ends are the only two positions groups to do any drills at the 2012 NFL Combine. Both the linemen and tight ends have finished doing as many reps as possible on the bench press and while Stanford's David DeCastro stood out as the top lineman with 34, according to's Rob Rang, Baylor's Philip Blake fell into the middle of the pack with 22 reps.

Blake's 22 reps put him in 11th place among aspiring NFL linemen, tied with Southern Miss' Lamar Holmes. Blake is considered by many scouts to be a top-five center in this year's draft class, but after a mediocre showing on the bench press and being of just average size, Blake's draft stock could fall after the combine. He still has some time to prove to people that he's worth a higher draft pick, though.

Very interesting!

Ran a 5.09 forty yard. He's going to be drafted in the second or third round or he could fall off the board...

Good for a Canadian kid like him, but it is doubtful we will be seeing him any time soon.

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He did very well, was in the top five in every drills and some of the linesmen rated higher than he is had a poor combine. If we see him at all likely won't be for 3 to 4 years. Snapping the ball to RG3 also means he's been scouted heavily. Depending on who takes RG3, they may pick up Blake in the third round.

Philip Blake ranked in top 5 interior linesmen for upcoming draft. Great read...

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Toronto Sun article on Phil Blake
Looks like The Cowboys, Panthers and Colts have contacted him.

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Philip Blake worked out for the Cowboys and there is a ton of interest for him. We aren't going to see him in an Als uniform I'm affraid. He had a great senior year and he impressed everyone at the combine.

Based on the latest Pro Football Weekly player rankings of the upcoming NFL draft,Philip Blake is rated 4 amongst centres. His grade-range from 4.00 to 9.00- is 5.14,meaning that he has a better than average chance to make a NFL roster. The concern is his age. I expect him to be drafted in round 6 or round 7.

Moe Petrus,drafted in round 2 of 2011 CFL draft,by the Tiger-Cats, is rated 10 amongst centres with a grade of 5.08;has a slighly better than 50-50 chance to make a roster or practice roster. The concern is also his age. Can play OG. Should be signed as a free agent,unless the Tiger-Cats sign him.


I think Philip Blake ends up wherever RG3 goes.

As per the 2012 NFL Draft Preview, prepared by Nolan Nawrocki and the Editors of Pro Football Weekly, Philip Blake is rated fourth amongst centres. Projected as third-to fourth- round pick.

Most probably, we will never see him in an Als uniform.


As I am expecting. The team that will take RG3 will take Blake.

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Philip Blake has been drafted by the Denver Broncos,in round 4.


We won't see him but it is worth the gamble and I hope Jim keeps drafting guys like this. Good luck to him ! Great to see Canadian succeed down there.

Je me demande si je préfère que Popp prenne ce genre de chance ou le genre de chance qui a amené Luc Brodeur-Jourdain.

À la longue, on accumule les choix gaspillés.

Je pense que Popp connait bien l'importance de fair des deux types de choix. Bien sur, on préfère que chaque repeche devient un Alouette, mais on doit aussi prendre des risques (ce qui nous a donné Josh Bourke, par example).

Quel choix gaspille ? C'est pas parce qu'un joueur est repeche ous signer par la NFL qu'il ne vienra pas a Montreal un moment donne. Ihekwoaba, Matte, Bourque, Perrett sont tous des joueurs qui on ete signer par la NFL . Blake serait surprenant mais c'est la premiere fois qu'un espoir est signe aussi haut.

Jeff Perrett n'a jamais signé de contrat avec un club de la NFL; il a été signé/signature annoncée par les Alouettes le 30 avril 2007. Choix de 3ième ronde des Alouettes,en 2006. Avant le repêchage de 2007 de la NFL,la rumeur était que Jeff avait déjà signé avec les Alouettes. En 2007, il était classé au 61ème rang des plaqueurs offensifs; à coté de son nom il était écrit: CFL


C'est certain qu'on ne peut s'attendre à ce que tous les joueurs choisis au repêchage finissent par jouer avec l'équipe. Mais si on regarde le repêchage de l'an dernier, Blake et Martin étaient visiblement des sélections à haut risque. McKnight va tenter sa chance avec les Jets et il n'est pas dit qu'il va se tailler un poste. Mais s'il y parvient, on ne le verra pas de sitôt à Montréal, et ça fera 3 choix sur 6 qui ne seront pas avec l'équipe.

En 2010, nous avons eu la main heureuse, mais nous aurions aussi pu avoir Gore ou Watson, en vue de l'éventuelle retraite de Cahoon. Et là, l'équipe se retrouve avec ce besoin à combler et peut de chance d'y parvenir avec ce repêchage.

Je me dis simplement que le nombre de joueurs canadiens repêchés est si faible qu'il est presque un luxe inabordable de parier dans le même repêchage sur plusieurs choix qui ont de bonnes chances de retrouver au sud de la frontière.

Enfin, il demeure que notre équipe a toujours fait preuve de flair pour dénicher les joueurs dont elle avait de besoin pour demeurer compétitive, et qu'il n'y a pas lieu de croire que Popp et ses adjoints seront moins bons qu'il ne l'ont toujours été.

I think that if the opportunity comes along to draft a top-end Canadian receiver, then obviously you go for it, but otherwise, I prefer our current approach. Quality Canadian receivers are hard to come by, harder than O-linemen, certainly. I’d rather use CanCon on the O-line, where we have an abundance of NI talent, and on defense, where you can plug and play guys like Brouillette, Boulay, and Emry at different positions and maybe even use Bekasiak as a starter if Mullinder backs him up. Can you find a good Canadian receiver? Sure, but if he gets injured, you’re likely using a scrub in his place. Obviously when you have an elite NI receiver like Ben Cahoon on your roster, you use him, but receivers like that don’t grow on trees. Put it this way: our offense has been at or near the top of the league for the past four seasons, so I think Trestman’s ratio approach is working. :wink: