Philip Blake à Montréal

Les Alouettes ont mis Philp blake sous contrat! :rockin:

Perrett a aussi accepté une prolongation de contrat de 3 ans.

Great news! :rockin:

O-line depth looks pretty solid now, and if Blake can play tackle (?), we might just have a national replacement for Bourke in a few years...

That's big. He's a very atletic natural center. Snapped the ball to RG3 in College. Will be interesting to see how this develops. Does Jourdain do for him what Chiu did for Jourdain or do the Als start him right away at guard ? This should help our running game greatly.

Oh, he’s a center/guard. Didn’t realize. Still a great signing though. I don’t think you start him right away. Regardless of his credentials, he’s never played a down of CFL football. And both Bomben and Matte have done well in the interior of the line. I think the way to go is to use him as a backup initially and look to flip some of our depth (White or Piotrowski) for help at another position.

Also don't be surprised to see Ola back with the Als. He struggled in Chicago and with what's going on there unless Trestman finds a landing spot where they need help on the Oline. I suspect he could be back. We are also in a nice position to do a trade not that we have to.

He played at Tackle in CEGEP and his first year with Baylor but his last two years he played Center. He's a very athletic man for his size with insane lower body strenght. I have no idea where the Als will slot him. I doubt they know themselves.

Bien si on regarde la ligne que ça ferait, c'est assez intéressant : Bourke, Blake, Brodeur-Jourdain, Bomben/Matte, Perrett, et White et Piotrowski en réserve. Popp n'a pas à se presser pour faire signer un contrat à Baillargeon.

Comme il a joué à l'intérieur de la ligne, les différences entre la NFL et la LCF sont moins criantes. Mais si les Alouettes veulent le former pour succéder à Bourke, il y aura beaucoup de travail à faire. Mais on dit que Blake est très polyvalent, alors qui sait s'il ne pourrait pas aussi y être efficace.

There is no room for Baillargeon unless the Als trade one of the other guys. I'm sure Winnipeg would love to get their hands on Piotrowski but would they pay the price, likely a second rounder. White is awesome and is close to being able to start in the CFL. This puts the team in a very nice situation for the upcoming draft where we don't need to use a first rounder on the oline and can go Dline, receiver or RB with Varga. It is a big, big year for the draft and adding an early second round pick or extra first rounder would be huge for the future of this team.

On a Blake. Au tour de Vaughn Martin?

That would be awesome. Martin has been hanging out in South Florida with pockets full of money. That would add some nasty and CND talent to our Dline and allow Popp to focus on Receiver and RB at the draft. There are at least four primo prospects at those positions.

For the draft, I'd go D-line and receiver, all other things being equal.

I would as well in either order. But you have the best RB prospect since Cornish in this draft as well.

Tyler Varga

[url=] ... mys-coach/[/url]
n Monday, in a West Point press conference, Army’s first year coach, Jeff Monken, still expressing disappointment in the performance of his team in New Haven, gave credit to Varga and the other Bulldogs.

He said that Varga “could play at a lot of places,? and that Yale’s offensive line “was better than a lot of Division I offensive lines that I’ve coached against.?

Great signings! Jim Popp has been quite busy.

The als will have a very good team in 2015 with or without S.J.


They will be strong along the line of scrimmage and on defense anyway.

True. Popp's done a great job. Overall, aside from the draft, I would imagine his biggest to do list is on the offensive side:

  1. find a couple of receivers who can help replace the production they got out of Carter and SJ Green if he does indeed leave
  2. Hope to finally see some stability at RB which has had a bit of a rotation of guys due to Whittaker's injury issues and up and down play from the replacements. Maybe that's Sutton but I would bet he brings in some more competition there.
  3. Find an OC. Turk Schoenert I think was offered the job but is holding out for a NFL job.

RB depth is not an issue IMO. We have Whitaker, Sutton, and Rutley, all of whom performed well last year when called upon. Sutton, in particular, showed that he can be the feature back if necessary. And if Crompton had been able to throw a swing pass to the flat with any regularity, our backs would have done well as receivers, from a statistical standpoint.

The huge question marks are QB, OC, and receiver.

SJ Green probably looked at what Blake got and what Popp was offering, and thought to himself: screw this. I'm going to the highest bidder.

Where is the evidence to suggest Blake is getting paid more money than Popp offered Green? Or is this just baseless speculation?

Going to the highest bidder in a small league without guaranteed contracts is idiotic. I hope S.J. re-ups with us; if he doesn't, he might learn the hard way that chasing top dollar doesn't actually get you top dollar in the end. You have to make it til the end of that contract first...

I don't think money is the issue here. Its the Gong Show environment and QB position. I don't blame him.

I'm sure SJ Green must have gotten a good offer considering what's being reported as what Blake got:

Justin Dunk ?@JDunk12 4h4 hours ago

Sources: OL Philip Blake's 3-yr deal w/ the #Alouettes averages 135,000 per yr, largest ever for a drafted #CFL player on a first contract.

I would guess Green's offer was well north of $150K/year but the Redblacks are desperate for receiver talent and have money to spend, especially after moving some of Burris' 2015 money under the 2014 cap. Would be foolish not to see what they offer IMO.