Phil Mickelson PGA Champ

Watched this yesterday, absolutely incredible

The crowd was completely out of control on the 18th hole!

Sure was incredible, great to watch. I didn't think it would be possible for a player in their 50s to win a major. Wrong.

Judging by the amount of old people that play golf in our area golf courses in Florida, why would this be unusual?
It's not like a 50 year old just won the Boston Marathon or ran a sub-10 second 100 metre.
Doesn't take much effort to play golf

Haha...have you ever played 4 rounds in 4 days ?. While walking,
If its no big deal why is he is theoldest player to win since late 60's

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Bingo everyman, you nailed it!

Yeah...before the oldest was Julius Boros at 49 winning the PGA in 1968.

The media asked Boros when he was going to retire as I guess back then that 49 was old.

He said " Retire?. To what? I already get paid to golf and fish."

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