Phil Lind At It Again

Phil Lind of Rogers, the guy behind the NFL games in Toronto, today in the Toronto Star repeated his outlandish claims that in southern Ontario, the NFL is king, while the CFL is only for fans over 50.
He mentions he has these "surveys" that support him, but he never shows these surveys to anybody.
Yet the Tranna media quotes this guy like he actually knows what he's talking about?
When he's already been proven to be a major league fibber.
LIke declaring those NFL games last year in Toronto "sellouts", when they didn't come close to selling out?
The CFL should do something to shut this guy up.
He has something against the CFL for some reason, and is spreading misinformation about it.
I don't know what the CFL has done to this guy, but its time the league took him on head on.

Article here

Shows how desperate he is for the NFL and afraid of the CFL to have to make elementary comments like this. I have little respect for the man based on this type of talk despite the many millions of dollars he has.

Afraid of the little ol' CFL eh Phil? You make yourself look like a fool buddy.

Wow!! ... Southern Ontario is SUCH an NFL market that they ......

Dropped ticket prices 17% and doubled the number of cheap seats.

Love it.

Of course there is a big market for the NFL in southern Ontario. Phil forgets one thing - Detroit and Buffalo are smack up agains't southern Ontario and Clevelenad isn't that far away either so people actually don't have to go to Toronto to go to a live NFL game. Someone in Chatham and St. Catharines, for example, are closer to US NFL cities than they are to Toronto.

Phil, rather than saying southern Ontario is more an NFL market than a CFL market, should say the southern Ontario area including bordering areas in Michigan and New York states, is a large NFL market where people have many choices on where they will attend a game especially now that Toronto is hosting some Bills games. That is more important to NFL fans in this area than saying southern Ontario is more an NFL market than a CFL market. Non-CFL fans that are only NFL fans couldn't care less about any statement talking about the CFL.

I think we should all chip in and buy Phil Lind season tickets to the Detroit Lions! That will teach him a lesson! :lol: :lol:

I thiink he's a season ticket holder for the Browns. Let me see, hmmmm, I got loads of cash and I want to go see an NFL game in the extended southern Ontario - Buffalo, Detroit, Cleveland, Toronto - let's just say Toronto is last on this list for me to go to an NFL game by gadzillion of miles and miles..... I want the US of A NFL experience, why would anyone in their right mind want to go to a game in Toronto is beyond me.

I wonder if the 88 million is paid in installments, considering the dollar dropped roughly 26% since the time they made the deal :smiley:

There have been two major football surveys done in Canada over the past three years, and the CFL has come out on top of the NFL in both surveys. In the most recent survey, the CFL was favoured by 17% of Ontario's general population, while the NFL had 16% support. In another comprehensive survey, the CFL was substantially favoured over the NFL by Ontario men, while Ontario women slightly favoured the NFL. The CFL was overwhelmingly favoured in western Canada, while the NFL was slightly ahead in Quebec and Maritimes. There were threads on this site covering both surveys when the were published.

The simple fact is the CFL is more popular than the NFL in Ontario, and in Canada, by any measure you want to compare, including attendance, tv ratings, surveys, fan sites. Anyone who would claim the NFL is more popular is simply fooling themselves, or trying to fool us.

It is the spin of course these wannabe US/NFL guys will always have you believe by drinking their cool aid.
Nonsense I say.

I would ad from my experience with friends that MOST of those who prefer the NFL love the gambling aspect more then the sport itself. Its actually quite funny to sit with these guys in their Steelers decorated dungeon and see they have almost no idea what is happening on the field...

I also see this at work. It's kind of funny how people who watch the nfl really know little about football in general.


Looks like he p*ssed off the Argo owners. Sometimes I have trouble trying to decide which Toronto Argonauts owner I like more... it's a wonderful problem to have... :stuck_out_tongue:

Argonauts owners speak out against further NFL encroachment

[url=] ... tball/home[/url]

From Saturday's Globe and Mail
April 17, 2009 at 11:36 PM EDT

[i]Rogers Communications vice-chairman Phil Lind wants to bring more Buffalo Bills games to Toronto, leaving the owners of the CFL's Toronto Argonauts furious about the prospect of potential further NFL encroachment into the market.

Rogers is entering the second year of a $78.5-million agreement to bring five regular-season and three preseason Bills games to Toronto through 2012.

The inevitable consequence of adding to that deal would be scheduling NFL games at the Rogers Centre during the CFL season. The 2009 Bills in Toronto match is scheduled for Dec. 3 against the New York Jets – four days after the Grey Cup championship game in Calgary.

“Phil told us that a limit of eight Bills games would be played over five years,? Argos co-owner Howard Sokolowski said. “Our reaction was: We're not happy but we understand. We even suggested that maybe we could work together and turn the whole situation into a celebration of the game of football – because while NFL football is great, so is CFL football.

“So I'm more than surprised to learn that Phil is now saying that he – or the Bills with his co-operation – are contemplating more games without talking to us. I'm surprised to hear it because we had a gentlemen's agreement.?

Lind has in the past angered the CFL by playing down the league's popularity in the Toronto market. He repeated the assertion in a recent interview with a Toronto newspaper, saying surveys indicate people under 50 in Southern Ontario “more and more so? follow the NFL rather than the CFL.

“It's disappointing that a successful Canadian individual, who made his fortune in our country, would so intentionally disrespect the CFL and its history by coming out and feeling the need to support his stats, polls and findings by making it feel as though our league isn't valued in this area,? Argonauts co-owner David Cynamon said. “The CFL isn't taking shots at the NFL for coming here, so why is he taking shots at the Argos and the CFL?

“That's what upsets me as a Canadian, not a CFL owner, a Canadian. I won't ask him to endorse it, but to take shots at it??

Rogers Communications' desire to add additional games to the Toronto schedule is being linked to results of a recent survey of fans.

“The good news from our customer research is that there is a large number of NFL fans in the Greater Toronto Area,? said Adrian Montgomery, general manager of the Bills in Toronto series. “And they prefer more NFL games to fewer NFL games.?

Last year, a Rogers-NFL venture with the Argonauts gave Argos season-ticket holders first dibs on tickets to Bills' games at the Rogers Centre. However, demand was less than expected because of pricing, and the Argos drew little benefit from the arrangement.

The average price of tickets for the Jets-Bills regular-season game have been reduced by 17 per cent. Roughly one-fifth of the seats will cost $99, the lowest price.

“[Bringing more games to Toronto] is their business operation and that's their strategy,? Cynamon said. “We're hurt by it financially, and in all aspects, but that's another battle.?

CFL commissioner Mark Cohon has repeatedly stated that the league is steadfastly opposed to more Bills games being played in Toronto.

“Mark doesn't have any new comments on this matter,? CFL spokesperson Jamie Dykstra said yesterday.[/i]

It's sad when this jerk store tells everyone that the nfl is so popular that he wants more games, but the truth is he wants more games because of the amount of money he will loose potentially, now that he dropped ticket pricing 17%, the canadian dollar is slumping and that he lost money on the first two games.

There's a easy solution, sellout the Argo games, TORONTO ! As Canadians , it would be very embarrassing that Toronto would choose a American league and team over a Canadian league and their 100 year old football team. Which could lead to the Argos folding. If it were to happen, I guess it wouldn't be that hard to sew one more star on the American flag !

This just makes Lind look so afraid of the CFL, I can't believe he would fall into this optics trap. Why would he do this? But it's great publicity for the CFL really in a situation like this.

Let's face it, Rogers/MLSE needs the Bills bad as their team, but Ralph Wilson might keep truckin along for another 5 years or so and keep the team in Buffalo, Rogers/MLSE biggest nightmare. The CFL issue is so minor compared with this IMHO.

And Roger Goodell is sort of caught between a rock and a hard place on this, he has to support his owner on what he wants to do with selling the Bills games to Toronto despite what his real thoughts are although he does like the money thrown the NFL's way I'm sure.

Personally, I think Phil Lind is going to be eating crow again this season. Sure, he dropped the ticket prices, but the NFL schedule makers dealt him another turkey by booking the Bills game vs. the New York Jets on a Thursday night in early December. If CFL fans aren't enthused about Thursday night games to begin with, what makes this assclown think he'll fare any better?

What bugs me is that he is saying that according to the research he has done, more and more people prefer the NFL. Yet, it also says that he surveyed the people who signed up on his list to buy NFL tickets. So he is polling and getting his information from a survey of a control group who have already spent money on the NFL...and asked them if they like the NFL. Shouldn't that be around 100% then? How come none of these media types don't call Phil on this?

Good points bighands. If they call him on this, their free wine and high-end munchies at Blue Jays games and other events will be cutoff and their access to the dressing rooms at RC the same. :wink: