Phase 2 of Construction at BMO Field

Hello Argos Fans!

Go behind the scenes of BMO Field’s Phase 2 Expansion with PCL Senior Project Manager Neil Barrows to watch a 600-ton crane lift roof sections into place, and learn about the complex engineering and planning involved in creating a new stadium within an existing structure.

All it takes is a $50 deposit per seat, to reserve your spot in line to purchase tickets to the inaugural season of football at BMO Field and to guarantee yourself the right to purchase a ticket to the 104th Grey Cup. Let me know if there is any interest at all to return to our team to experience football the way it was meant to be enjoyed; watched live, played on grass and in the open air.

Tim Knight
Account Executive at The Toronto Argonauts Football Club
212 King Street West, Suite 501
Toronto, Ontario M5H 1K5 / (416) 341-2720

Hoping to see something about CFL- Argo dressing rooms and any CFL- Argo infrastructure at the stadium . Is there enough time ? ..... The roof does look impressive .

Sure does and something, if the fan support is there of course, that Hamilton has mentioned could be looked into at some point.

I have put down two $50.00 deposits .
Can't wait for the 2016 season to start. Go Argos! :rockin:

Sure you want to follow a team in the "Canadian" Football League and not be centred out as "out of touch"? :wink:

The people 'out of touch' are the ones who don't realize what a great league we have. It doesn't have to be American to be good. I support Canadian, after all I am a Canadian first.
Cheers :rockin: