Phantom Offside Call

Anybody with a PVR could see it, for those who didn't here it is. How can professional football referees screw that up?

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I'm sold!

This and the pass Interference on Ricco were both brutal calls.

That cost us a game most likely!! :x :cry:

Here here pro Argo all night :thdn: :twisted:

As much as I hate it, but I was expecting the call. I could see fingers on the green in front of the line. (Not in the picture but looking at the whole video) That's always been called. Any part of the body on the green means the player is within that one yard zone. Stupid I know, especially when they give receivers lots of leeway.

The Referees are spoiling the game that must have been another 40 Flag night or close to it.
The refs robbed Hamilton of a great defensive stand and turned the game into a joke.

I froze my PVR at that same point. Plesius' fingertip is over the line. Barely, but it is. That picture is a little too blurry to see it well. Maybe a screenshot from TSN games on demand will show it more clearly, once they put the game up.

Did they call it on the right player? I didn't think Plesius was even in a 3-point stance on the play...

waaahh, my team lost....gotta be the zebras fault

my teams players shouldn't have to play within the rules

He wasn't


good for you as well :thup: :thup:

I guess you missed the turn at Albuquerque.. THIS is the Cats forum....take your shit elsewhere FYB

doesn't matter the team or the forum. my response to any fan crying about the refs is the same.

And you can post it anywhere but HERE....

Safe Haven ring a bell?

HTD, what makes you think you can tell anyone if they can post here or not?

Even if this forum was not part of, it still would not be up to you.

Just checked the DVR, he starts out in a 2-point, but puts his hand down about a second before the snap.

He went into a 3 point stance just before the snap. That's when he put his finger down over the line.