Phantom Calls ruin CFL fun....

I hear fans booing "other side of field" challenges.
When the most exciting play of the week is called back on account of a "brush" by a player who was not involved in "THE PLAY".... THE CFL HAS A PROBLEM....
It is why Canadians are drifting away and uninterested.

Flow of game..... ruined
Athletic Plays..... removed
Appeals.............. Oh My Gosh !!!
Don't Attend a game...Sit in the cold all day.....waiting for a review from.... wherever???....
Wow.....Lost all that game day excitement .

At Home ??? CFL is dragged out and Boring ...change channel......... Lost the TV viewers too !
Advertisers MUST be losing CFL interest.

Who cares about next week.. Is there another league to watch.....

CFL Football was a contact sport ... NOW... its a constant appeal. New fans are not being attracted... court cases are not FUN !

First post, find the most obvious issue fans seem concerned with. Can you say lame TFC troll? If we were at your site you and your post would have been banned by now.

You mean, like MLS lol?

What did that commercial on Sportsnet say--I think it was Sportsnet. That if Sid wanted to watch teams struggling to score for 90 minutes he would watch Tim trying to pick up chicks at a bar.

Troll or not, these are valid points. The CFL needs to get rid of BS calls like that, or at least get rid of the challenges that allow it.

It was a bush league call and without a doubt makes the CFL look ridiculous :thdn:

If the OP had posted his love for the CFL in his 1st post would he still be considered a troll?? I happen to agree 100% with his post regarding cheesy and non stop hail Mary appeals.

Yes, because that's what they do. "I love the CFL and have been a fan for 25 years, BUT..."

Sorry pal, I'm tired of that shit going on here and I don't think it's logical for a person to post something like that criticizing something they supposedly love with their first post. If they really are "fans" then they should be reminded what they are doing isn't helping the perception of a league struggling with image (for no good reason) and that the league already has plenty of detractors and so called "fans" don't need to add to it.

The real fans know there are issues and don't need to be reminded. Trolls have a same set of behaviour and I highly doubt this poster will be any different.

Bush league like cancelling your Hall of Fame game and having the power go out at your championship game and people not being able to get seats? Bush league like that?

This is the only forum I post in regularly. Some other league/team forums I've posted in - the first time I posted - as a fan of that league or team was when I finally hit a breaking point about being pissed off at something.

Right now these reviews on ticky tack things like that bump - inches over the 5 yard no contact limit - are ruining the game IMO. The entertainment value - which is why I watch sports - is totally being sapped. If I wanted to watch something decided on a video screen I would have gone to the sold out Air Canada Centre last night to watch video games. - ... mpetition/

When it got reversed = part of me as a sports fan (even as a Cats fan) actually had me glad when we screwed up the onside kickoff. It would have been a totally bogus and embarrassing way to win IMO - even though technically legitimate by today's silly rules. .

The only problem I have when people say the contact occurred away from the play is how do we know where the play was supposed to go?

For example, ball gets snapped, QB looks to a receiver who gets slightly bumped by a defender and is now off balance and the QB decides to look for another receiver. So the QB looks to the other side of the field for a target and gets picked off and is returned the other way for a TD, but its called back because of the contact on a receiver who was nowhere near the ball when it was intercepted.

Now it appears the contact was nowhere near the play, but really the contact caused the play to change. So a penalty should be called.

This changes if the ball is already in the air and not anywhere near the receiver when the contact is made. Then I would say keep the flag in the pocket.

Simply, ball still in QBs hand and contact is made, penalty. Ball is in the air and away from the contacted player, no penalty.

There are other times when penalties should not be called, like if on this same play and the ball is intercepted (and not contact penalty called), as the player runs to the opposite team goal line, one of his team mates pulls on a players jersey who is in pursuit but is 25 yards away and has no hope of making a play.

Even if a flag flies during the play just pick it up and let the play stand.

Why do people continue to post in what we all know are troll post....

You think the guy cares if you tell him to buzz off?



I agree unless it's dangerous or intent to injure if it doesn't effect the play, should it be called?

...I say yes you have to call it, for the very reason that it sets what is illegal and what is not...

I hate challenges.
However it did affect the play totally imo.
Collaros looked there first and then had to go away from it as the guy was covered ( bumped?)

There was contact after 5 yards. Minimal but it was there.

You can call a penalty on almost every play, holding happens on every play in one shape or another.

Holding in one form or another does happen on pretty much every play...but doesn't mean it's a holding penalty. There are specific requirements for the penalty including that one player "grasp or encircle" the other player and that the infraction take place at the "point of attack" (the ball).


OK then to quote Red & White, then all penalties should be called as they are against the rules. So where should the line be?

There's nothing about "point of attack" in the CFL Rule Book. It might be mentioned in the Officials' Handbook as a guideline, but not in the rules.

[b][u]RULE 7 – FOULS & PENALTIES[/u][/b] [b]SECTION 1 – ILLEGAL TACTICS[/b] [b]Article 1 – Holding[/b] Holding is defined as the use of the hands and/or arms to grasp or encircle an opponent. It is illegal at all times, except when a player tackles the ball carrier. Holding hands and locking arms during a scrimmage is prohibited. actual science to back this up, but I think a lot of holding calls get missed simply because they get missed...there are only so many sets of eyes on a tight often confusing group of giants wrestling with each's easy to pick it up after during a replay sure....

I still want to know why everyone blames the head ref when he does not make the calls
I have been asking for years