PGA Tour vs LIV Golf

No need to apologize. There are two threads created to avoid this. I wanted to have a thread for tournaments (on all tours) and a separate one for LIV vs PGA discussion, which is this one.

Your comment about LIV being a member guest tourny belongs on this thread as it implies PGA superiority. The comments relating to the tournaments ongoing including this past weekend and the upcoming PGA Championship should be on the “Golf Season 2024” thread so I will move those there.

Rule of thumb is that if you want to comment on LIV vs PGA discussions those go here and comments relating to on course golf go on the other thread. Sometimes there has been some minor crossover, but it was my intention that persons who have no interest in the ongoing debate and great rift in golf can discuss just golf on the other thread without being drawn into that discussion if they aren’t interested.

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More shuffling pertaining to those involved in negotiations between the two golf leagues. None of this makes me happy or gives me reason to believe that a resolution is getting any closer pursuant to which we can see the best golfers in the world play against each other 8-10 times a year.

Tiger weighs in as well. He doesn’t say much either way and is being diplomatic, but unfortunately no cause for optimism either.