PGA Tour vs LIV Golf

Although it was a weak field event, three Canadians finished in the top 25. Taylor Pendrith was up there earlier but must have had a poor weekend (I didn’t see the tournament) as he finished well back. Corey Conners missed the cut.

(Homa chips in, wins Fortinet Championship after Willett's shocking three-putt Max Homa chips in, wins Fortinet Championship after Danny Willett's shocking three-putt -

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As for the LIV event, world #2 Cam Smith won without too much difficulty. DJ’s team won the team event for the fourth week in a row. Phil finally had a decent showing, shooting 66 today and finishing eighth.

(Smith wins LIV Golf in second start with rival league Cameron Smith wins LIV Golf Chicago -

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:canada: Nick Taylor had a good tournament
Finished tied for 6th and cashed a cheque for $270K and 92 FedEx points
:canada: Adam Svenson Tied 12th and $140K and 64 Fed Ex points


Politics will be inserted into the debate this week as Greg Norman travels to Capitol Hill. No doubt he will be both grilled and complimented, depending on the viewpoint of those asking the questions. I don’t know if the DOJ, currently investigating the PGA Tour for antitrust violations, will be paying attention.


Right now in the heat of election campaigns, my bet like usual on overwhelmingly most issues is that those bureaucrats punt again.

I lived long enough in the Washington DC area to know if there were ever any reason to delay, including even the mere threat of severe weather with more phantom snowstorms than I can remember, those people delay things.

Only what is absolutely necessary or heavy on the controlling party's agenda, and more often than not it is some sloppy rush job, gets done between (American) Thanksgiving Day and Presidents' Day (mid-February and now it appears it will coincide with the Super Bowl).

In an election year, this period tends to be expanded to right after the end of the government fiscal year 30 September and this year I think they have begun early.

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In an interesting move, all LIV golfers have written to the uber biased world ranking committee making their case for world ranking points. The excerpts from their letter are very good and make a lot of sense. I expect the committee will ultimately have to be told to do what is fair by a court as the committee is stacked with PGA reps and minions.

(LIV golfers write OWGR chairman asking for retroactive inclusion of results in rankings restricted-content)

On another note the President’s Cup takes place this week. While I normally consider this to be the premiere team event in existence, I am quite meh this year with both teams decimated by the banning of LIV players.

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A good summary of the depleted field President’s Cup and the almost sure to be slaughtered international team.

The bad news is that this is the first week of it appears many to come where PGA sanctioned tournaments won’t come close to having the best field they could due to their head up the ass stance.

The good news is that two Canadians who otherwise wouldn’t play in this event will have an opportunity to do so. Mike Weir is also an assistant captain.

(Internationals remain optimistic despite heavy underdog status Internationals remain optimistic despite heavy underdog status -

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The odds of the International team winnng even with the LIV'ers would be a
massive longshot!
Conners would have been on the team even if the LIV'ers were allowed

Look for Canadians Conners and Pendrith to be paired up as they are very good friends, college roommates, best man at their weddings!
That should be great to follow on TV

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In reading my post again before you posted I realized that I was in error as I had it in my head that there were now three Canadians on the team. There are only two plus Weir as coach and you are correct that Conners was in no matter what.

Like I said, I am much less pumped up about this tourny than I usually am, but I will be watching the Canadians closely and rooting them on.

I consider this tourny to usually have a better field than the Ryder Cup, even though it is not as hyped as the former nor are the fans as rabid and nationalistic. The field has been weakened considerably as a disproportionate number of LIV golfers are international as opposed to European or US, but hopefully we still get a good show. This is the last meaningful golf for awhile as I don’t consider wraparound or LIV events to be of much interest.


:canada: :golf:

And as far as the American team
I will miss Dustin Johnson,
I'm glad that LIV'ers Brooks Koepka, Bryson DeChambeau and Patrick Reed won't be there, never liked them, never will :-1:

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I will also miss DJ and Koepka just because he is intimidating. On the international side I will miss Cam Smith, Ancer and one of my faves, Louis O.

They split Conners and Pendrith for opening day
Conners/Im against Speith/Thomas
Getting a result would be Epic!
I believe foursomes is an alternate shot format
So if Conners tees off then Im would play the 2nd shot and so on.
Then Im would tee off on the next hole

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Yes foursomes is alternate shot. It’s up to the home team to decide whether they want to play foursomes or fourball first.

Been working so didn’t see the teams until you posted them and thanks for that. I wince for the internationals when I see the matchups on paper, but of course the game still has to be played. Scott/Matsuyama appears to be the strongest international team in the first round and both Canadians are playing which is great. Not sure if Im, T. Kim and S.W. Kim are the same person. Pendrith appears to be playing the weakest US team in the first round so he has a decent chance. It will be interesting to see if Finau and Pendrith, both bombers, will be teeing off on the same holes.

Bob Weeks spotlight on Taylor Pendrith ahead of tomorrow’s match.

(Pendrith ready to break out at Presidents Cup Bob Weeks: Pendrith ready to break out at Presidents Cup -

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Not surprisingly the US leads the President’s Cup 4-1 after Day 1. Both Canadians lost although Taylor Pendrith came back from an early deficit to tie the match, only to lose the 18th. Conners and Pendrith will play together tomorrow in the four ball or best ball matches.

The end of the article below mentions two fans from Winnipeg cheering on the International team while dressed as Mounties in 35 degree heat.

(Americans take 4-1 lead at Presidents Cup as Canada's Conners, Pendrith make debuts Presidents Cup Corey Conners Taylor Pendrith United States -


Internationals had a pretty good afternoon today
could make for a good Sunday singles day

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USA leads 11-7 with a possible 12 points on the line today
Internationals have a punchers chance still going into the singles matchups

They will need at least 8.5 points in the 12 matches today to stun the Yankees!
Hopefully it comes down to a few of the final pairings! :crossed_fingers:
A few early International 1 or 2 ups and the Americans butts could tighten up!

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That would be the recipe. I don’t hold out much hope, however. Aside from yesterday afternoon, most of the internationals, including Conners and Pendrith, have looked like deer in the headlights. And unfortunately they haven’t been putting very well either. At least they are gaining some valuable experience that can’t be gained anywhere else, not even in the majors. I’m just hoping the Canadians do well and I guess you never know.


Just came across this article which in the end won’t mean much. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if all players eventually pull out and it just ends up being LIV vs PGA in the courtroom.

Phil perfectly sums up my feelings on this whole mess and I am also hopeful that cooler heads will take over and that peace will come to the golf world.

[Mickelson, 3 others ask to be dismissed as plaintiffs in LIV Golf's lawsuit vs. PGA Tour restricted-content](Mickelson, 3 others ask to be dismissed as plaintiffs in LIV Golf's lawsuit vs. PGA Tour restricted-content)

A non restricted content link which appears to be the exact same article:

Rory McIlroy, whose favourite food is obviously waffles, appears to be back on Phil’s side and the side of common sense again in advocating for some resolution and acknowledging that golf is being ripped apart. Hopefully he will remain of that view rather than stoking the divide again.

(McIlroy: LIV is causing golf to 'rip itself apart' restricted-content)

Unfortunately Jay Monahan remains in the knuckle dragger camp and appears to have little understanding of how golf is being ripped apart. For the good of the game he needs to be removed unless he suddenly sees the light.

(Monahan on PGA Tour's future, coexisting with LIV Golf, Tiger's leadership and more restricted-content)

I watched much of last weekend’s President’s Cup, which is usually one of the highlights on the golf calendar. It wasn’t as the International team was decimated by PGA Tour bans. How can this be good for golf?

As of now 12 of the top 50 in the world play for LIV. If the ship isn’t righted the majors are next for becoming a farce as I predicted. Their fields will be without 25% of the best golfers in the world. Therefore they will not be a true test of golf supremacy. Let us not argue about blame or red herrings. There is plenty of blame to go around, just like in all disputes and lawsuits. What I am stating about golf competitiveness are facts and this needs to be resolved. If Jay Monahan won’t do it then someone else needs to step up.