Has been let go by the Argos. The Riders need to find a way to sign this guy, even if it means IRL for the season or something. A national, young, great leg...hell...he can likely displace Early. He averages about 10% less on punts...but he is still a solid punter and very good FG guy...this needs to be someone they go after.

Is Swayze coming back?


So we turf Paul again after he has made me eat my words? I thought he really was done but he has been very solid. If we do get him then we have 3 kickers on the roster,which isn't ideal considering NFL cuts coming up and a chance to add some solid pieces.

where did I say to turf Paul? I said if anything Early, and in time both of guy, all duties....that can be next season.

He's missed 2 PATs with the Argo's. Our fans would run him out of town after a couple of those misses.

Agree try to bring him in at least as a punter. If they could PR him that would be sweet.

Although it would suck to have to move Early since he's doing a great job but if they could get the same performance from a NAT like Pfeffer it would have to be considered.

well...he is with the ORBS no
shoulda moved