Peyton Retiring.

I just noticed that Peyton is retiring and it was posted his so-called records and as we know he owns many including the NFL all time passing record of 71,940yds. On many of the sites they are trying to claim the all time professional passing record that is held by "Anthony Calvillo" of 79,816 yds....they can't be that backward as not to notice that Peyton's number isn't close...can they???

relic7: You must be one of the "many" who had their feelings explained for them last night on 60 Minutes.

"Having a little more of an awareness of what's going on in the rest of the world, I think is, is what many Canadians would hope for Americans."

Even Damon Allen has more at 72,381

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Well they always call the Superbowl champs - World Champs???

AC has played 2 more seasons. Peyton would only have to average 4,000 yards a season to catch up. If they did it as yards per season, Allen would be way down the list.

At let us not forget that Peyton also played less games per season than AC, so his yards per season is notably higher.

AC - 243 yards per game

PM - 270 yards per game.

who is close to PM?

I have the answer, Drew Brees - 282 yards per game

Doug Flutie close to AC at 241.

Sorry I have really no idea what you are talking about.."60 minutes??" ( sorry didn't know about it or watched it...not interested in nonsense...I do strange things like READ)...I thought this form was about football not politics , or were you trying unsuccessfully to be funny. I asked a simple question and thank-you to others got some good answers.

I'm guessing that relic7 is not a fan of the current prime minister. The Trudeau reference was very relevant. In the future, we'll try to keep it simple for you.

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

This is crazy "keep it simple for you"...what is this face book? Just a little immature Pat.. I choose to read the financial times instead of listening to politics...why not a reality show also??.....I will repeat this slowly[b]..."Please lets keep this form to football info ONLY" Thank-you

It appears that someone has issues that are not football related. Life is too short. "Lighten up" and smell the roses. :smiley:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

[quote="PatLynch"]It appears that someone has issues that are not football related. Life is too short. "Lighten up" and smell the roses. :smiley:

The old saying "the pot calling the tea pot black" comes to obviously cannot comprehend the simple written word as I have repeatedly said earlier...FOOTBALL ONLY...please get over yourself !

Looks to me like multiple someones.

....................and Peyton plays in only 16 games in a season NOT 18. His receivers need TWO feet in bounds NOT one, his pass yardage would also be considerably higher if he was passing on a 110 yard field not a 100 yard field and of course his TD passing would be much higher if he had 25 yard end zones instead of only 10.
So let's put an end to any comparisons, you are comparing apples to oranges

Bear in mind also that in about 5 billion years when the Sun swells up and detroys any remaining life on Earth, nobody will care about these records. Most of the human population doesn't even care about them now.

yeah, but all that matters is I care :cowboy: looks like a great year.

I think you are forgetting the most important thing..."an extra down" is huge.

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.............and you are fogetting the most important thing "only having ONE foot in bounds to count as a completed pass" is huge.
And all that extra yardage, receivers in motion and going full speed when they hit the line, and the extra two games etc etc etc. That's why I said above - how can you compare yardage in two leagues when there are different rules, different dimensions on the field, two fewer players on the NFL field, fewer games.
You can not make a comparison on total yardage , it's apples and oranges

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it must be off season for this topic to go 2 pages :wink:

yeah, and because of the extra down, they run the ball more.

the other team also has an extra down leaving the opposing team sitting on the bench longer

How many time does a CFL qb get an extra ten yac yards because of the longer field