Peyton Manning... The Anthony Calvillo of the NFL?

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He is 500 in the playoffs despite having 10 win seasons in 10 of his 12 seasons in the NFL.
Yes he has won a Super Bowl...but 4 of his 9 playoff wins came in that one(2009) Super Bowl season.
In my opinion... Payton Manning is the biggest choke artist in NFL history, only second to Dan Marnio.

Sad, man. If you're gonna hate, at least get the guy's name right. :roll:


Nice edit job, sadly, it didn't change every post. :wink:

You got me Chief... but lets dispute the facts that I present...
Payton or Peyton is a choke artist....nonetheless

Maybe someone else will ask CFL's favourite NFL team, because I am sure not going to feed this certified Peyton hatred that even re-invoked Peyton's past BEFORE his Super Bowl win when the US media were all over him largely due to the superiority of the New England Patriots at the time.

For the pick6 in a pressure moment to which any quarterback could be subject including the great Brett Favre as we saw two weeks ago, CFL chooses to ignore Manning's and the Colts awesome offencive stats for the game.

Just check them on .

Neither team played good defence or ran the ball too well when you look at the stats mind you. The only official sack of the game was by none other than Dwight Freeney in the first half too, and he was not even 50% in the second half as was not surprising given the nature of his injury earlier in the week. On top of poor tackling by both teams, Freeney's demise affected the Colts more than even the sceptics expected.

And Drew Brees just played excellent squared considering his incredible completion percentage.

Don't blame Peyton when you examine the stats -- blame the Colts' defence.

And save your hatred of all things Peyton and Colts for another forum if this is really about that as I suspect. Or get off the rocker or hooch?

I've already disputed your facts. Simple fact is you're a Peyton hater. I'd bet money that you were waiting patiently for the Saints to win so you could spew some garbage about him being a choke artist, ignoring the fact he's been to the AFC Championship game 3 times, and to the Super Bowl twice. :roll:

And to mention Dan Marino in the same sentence as Peyton Manning? CFL really how much do you know about NFL football? No NFL fan on either side of the border in their right mind would do that -- no contest any more. :roll:

Lest you doubt me, remember John Elway?

That Hall of Famer won two Super Bowls in a row in his last two seasons. Do you know how many he lost? Really does it matter really? Exactly, his Broncos won two and that's all one needs to know! :roll:

Perhaps for the CFL and the great Calvillo the matter is different, but in the NFL once a quarterback wins a Super Bowl as did Brett Favre for 1996 with the Green Bay Packers, sure complain about his performance with merit for any particular game, but don't even try to re-invoke the monkey that is off his back as it remains and has been shaken even by NFL greats Dan Marino and Jim Kelly who never won The Big One.

They are both rightfully Hall of Famers as is in my opinion, though greatly contested in the US, also CFL Hall of Famer Warren Moon who never even got to play in one either!

Sure I am new to the CFL, but I'll match up or better anyone on here for sake of the NFL many more times down the road most likely and look forward to it especially with those who cherry-pick the facts to support their pre-existing notions as did you CFL.

Peyton Manning was not good enough for you even after his only Super Bowl win just admit it! You want to pick on a Manning for bad performance post his Super Bowl win by ignoring the stats?

Maybe pick on his father Archie or even Eli with one Super Bowl under his belt with woeful numbers if you going to do that.

Bang Bang! :cowboy:

No question the Saints defence was superior and near the top of their game and you can't really blame Manning on that.