Peyton Manning: Moving On (And Up?)

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It's now worth another thread spinning off from Go Colts! given how fast things are developing. There is absolutely no credible talk at this point of Manning being a Colt again, and also Irsay himself has stated he will not trade Manning.

Now as reported less than an hour ago that Manning has also been cleared medically as of today to play again, the rehab continues and the trading games have started.

Dinner with elite receiver Larry Fitzgerald of Arizona is this week before the Super Bowl too.

Good job by Manning to turn up the heat on Irsay for keeping him in limbo and after being called a politician in effect last week. :thup: He must continue to have a great team of advisors.

Basically Manning wins out this one in one way or the other now, and his biggest battle left will be the rehab that must go beyond mere rehab.

News has developed so fast that just when we thought he would never play again, well now it is more likely that he will do so.

The question for later is if Peyton Manning after rehab will be even close to the Peyton Manning of the Indianapolis Colts again.

How fast things are developing? Please. Jim Irsay tweeted today that Manning hasn't passed the team physical and hasn't been cleared. Irsay will drag this out as long as he can because he's a toolbag. Like father, like son. It's too bad a league can't strip an owner of his franchise.

The battle is on right. After last week's false truce, here we are with Irsay chiming in with the sour grapes.

Only two days ago all but his brother Cooper were talking about Manning's retirement due to health, but now the Peyton Sweepstakes is on and has basically been the dominant story for the entire media week for the Super Bowl to make it the worst media week ever.

Now Irsay basically might reconsider his position on a trade for Manning and just pay him the $28M and load up on high draft picks too.

Peyton is leaving one way or the other, so all Irsay can do is figure out what to get for him via a trade and paying him $28M or just pocket the $28M by cutting him yet have to re-build for many years.

Peyton has the upper hand now after Irsay strung the matter out too long, so now Irsay is all sour grapes. I agree screw him like his father.

Baltimore should sign him.
Scre the Irsay’s

Ticats should sign him.

...out with Romo, Peyton will be a Cowboy

I can only think of two reasons that make any sense for Eli not wanting to play in SD.

  • wanted to stay near home, which would be true with peyton

  • wanted to play in the nfc to hopefully set up an all manning SB

Can't see them wanting to play in the same division.

It was widely known that in Eli’s draft year poppa Archie was adamant the Eli was not going to SD.There was an old ethical disagreement between Archie and SD’s owner Spanos and GM AJ Smith. Close to, if not, a hatred.

New orleans or thereabouts is home so proximity is a non issue

It looks like the 'sit-down' between Manning and Irsay is this week. I would bet it will be on Thursday:

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Arizona is still the lead candidate in my view in contrast to this report.

Meanwhile Miami, like the Bills, is switching to a 4-3 from a 3-4 defence such that it will be harder to chase Manning now.

Peyton must be loving this I'm sure.

The meeting did not happen last week after the great feeling from the Super Bowl, and the meeting will not happen it appears this week.

Right now the situation is like a stare down between two guys holding the nuts at a Texas Hold 'em poker tournament.

Irsay dismisses any speculation, and Manning just works out somewhere else.

The NFL Combine starts in a week in Indianapolis, so does Irsay blink before it?

Or does Irsay wait until the very end of the month or March, perhaps going into the last day and evening, before Manning is owed a payment on 8 March?

I can see also Irsay dragging it out again until the last moment, just as he has since last summer, just to get in his final dig when he cuts Manning on 7 March at say 8PM.

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Who is playing politician now Irsay?

To be fair, he's also playing prudent businessman.

Also I think he's spiking local buzz in Indianapolis next week around the NFL Combine.

He puts all the pressure on Manning so he can't look like the bad guy. Irsay is a... Well, I can't repeat it in polite company.

Rest assured Chief and Colts fans, even the mainstream media including ESPN sees through this as do even the masses of homers and zombies amongst the NFL fans.

No matter what, Peyton is leaving and Irsay will be called a (paragraph of expletives).

Also for criticising Manning for being a politician, Irsay will fail in this PR effort and will munch on a steaming hot pile of his own crap as is overdue.

The only problem is, on which Irsay is counting, is that come November when the Colts suck again is if the public in Indianapolis will fall for the excuse of "the rookie QB" as the local media will pander to them as well.

I have not lived there in awhile and some things have changed including football replacing basketball in most of Indiana as the most popular sport largely thanks to Peyton.

I'll know in November if the public are the same in remaining laid back in this regard and unlike other NFL towns or if they turn viciously and rightfully for once on powerful and exploitative Irsay.

There's a new report out saying Peyton had a fourth surgery. ESPN is citing "league sources." Hmm. I wonder who that could be? Irsay is a scumbag. :thdn:

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"Only medical personnel" can watch Peyton Manning throw according to new league rules (wink, wink) if there are NFL Police snooping around the entire stadiums in the offseason to see who is there watching or taping? :lol:

Wow after the Super Bowl contrary to expectations, basically the media took most of the rest of the month off.

I guess we find out now within a week.

Let me just say...


:rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Yes for sure Chief this is overdue.

The best place Peyton Manning could go to finish off his NFL career is Arizona. They play in a stadium with a retractable roof for eight games, plus they play St. Louis in a dome and any given other dome/indoor team on the road as well. That's a minimum of ten games a season indoors and/or nice weather!

I would not be optimistic for Peyton Manning in Miami, but that's what certain US media interests and East Coast homers for the Jets and Patriots would want to happen.

I don't see him in Washington amidst all that fuss either, for that division forces a player to play all divisional games outdoors in bad weather more often than not except when you play at Dallas once a season.