Peyton falling apart...

I can't explain how frustrated I am right now... When Peyton started this season the way he did, I was so excited. I thought, Great, maybe the Colts will finally do something! Now I'm not so sure... Peyton's playing like Favre's been the last few years. Favre starts off great, then collapses in the second half of the season. Peyton's doing the same thing.

His stats for the first 7 games...
He's completed 70.4% of his passes for 2,227 yards (6 300-yard games), 15 TDs, and 4 picks.

His stats for the last 6 games...
He's completed 65.4% of his passes for 1,678 yards (2 300-yard games), 14 TDs, and 10 picks.

The Colts may still be winning, but these sort of stats won't cut it in the playoffs... Peyton needs to pull himself out of this funk, and he needs to do it NOW!!!

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They're winning as you say, that's all that matters. What about the Boys just now agains't the Chargers, yikes, Boys think they're going to win anything meaningul with that conservative offense? No way, Chargers suckered them into thinking they could win with the run. Nice job by the Chargers on that one! Who is the offense coordinator for the Boys? I imagine he'll getting a talking to after this one.

The Colts are winning, and I am happy (especially since we broke New England's record), but Peyton is playing like absolute gargabe. It's like he doesn't know who he's throwing to. 10 picks in six games. Those are Rex Grossman type stats... :?

I think the Dallas OC should get more than a stern talking to. That offence is sputtering. Twice this season they've failed to put up points in the first half, and one of those games they won 7-6.