My fav 3, not that I have any, would be Cats, Dogs, and Horses.

Fav Dogs are Any kind of Collie, specially Border Collie. Don’t like pug faced dogs or any kind of bull dog, or any similar looking dog. Also don’t like potentially vicious dogs like pitbull, Doberman, Mastiff, etc Not sure what Blue was but not my type of dog

for cats, I like most except the really large ones or long legged, and I really don’t like Pug faced or furless. I like ginger colored cats the best.

Not really an expert on Horse breeds. I know I like the Clydesdales. They always had beautiful magnificent looking horses on Bonanza.

I like Holstein dairy cows as well.

Dogs all the way. This was my last dog ‘Tux’ when he was just a puppy. Soooo Cute!

I grew up with a Pinto pony. And a big black dog. Thinking back it was very Huck Finnish, as we galloped around Nelson BC.
None of us ever needed a saddle. To this day I love Pintos and big black dogs. Like orange male cats too. Very mellow.


Big dogs all the way. I grew up with 2 Rottweilers in the house and they are so nice.

I like cats fine, but I’m also more of a dog guy.

Here’s my best friend:

what are you getting your best friend for Christmas.

Some friends got here a gingerbread house . . . didn’t know that gingerbread houses for dogs was a thing, but it is, and she loved it.

I should probably splurge on some bones or something, eh.

its cute when pets actually open their own presents.

not so cute when they try to open others :slight_smile:

My dog used to get as excited as my sons near Christmas. He would sniff around the presents under the tree but never open any till we gave him his on Christmas morning. We always laughed when he tore open his gifts. A good old rawhide bone or one of those pig’s ears and he was content for the day.

Thanks for reminding me FYB. I miss my old dog.

Merry Christmas to you !

you too