Petrie's Take on the Renegades

What do you think of what Petrie said about the Renegades, in the same article in which he talked about the Riders now being too cocky to be likable?

We'd like to say you heard it here first.

But, by now, it's a widespread belief the Canadian Football League only has a short time remaining in the nation's capital.

Many thought owner Lonie Glieberman would run the Ottawa Renegades into the ground and he's well on his way.

Not only did Ottawa (6-11) miss the playoffs for a fourth consecutive season. But Glieberman lived down to expectations with a couple of lame promotions, got rid of some good football people, alienated fans and torched most of the goodwill other teams had toward the Renegades.

Now, he's going to hire John Jenkins as his head coach.

While the flamboyant Texan, who most recently was the Calgary Stampeders' offensive co-ordinator, has some football credentials, it's hard to imagine him possessing the skills needed to lead his team to respectability.

Players hated his coaching in Calgary. How will they react in Ottawa? How will his eccentric ways work as a head coach? How will he handle the media? Will he waver from the pass-only approach that hurt him in the past? And, most importantly, who will work for him?

All these factors will be problems.

This organization needs stability. It needs respectable people from the top to its head coach, to its scouting department and its co-ordinators. That won't happen and players won't want to be there. Neither will the fans.

Ottawa doesn't have the same fan base as Calgary, Regina or Edmonton and the margin for error is much thinner. Give them two seasons and the 'Gades will be gone.

I gotta say that I really, really hope that he's wrong - and that the Renegades will stay - but I do honestly fear that he's right. The CFL can't lose Ottawa again. We need ten teams, not nine. Ottawa must stay! At all costs!

I agree with you, this might be the last year in Ottawa. I wonder what if anything the minority owner(49%) Bill Smith had to say about this and or what his input may be.
If it is the last year, looking forward to the move to QC, but not with the Gleibs.

well lets not panic shall we..............maybe with a full season under their belts the Gleibs can turn things around

Unfortunately with the way things are going for the Senators, I don't think the Renegades are on the radar here.
And that could be problematic.

One thing I notice about the Gliebs is that no one seems to be giving them a chance ... hopefully they'll institute a good season-ticket drive. And it wouldn't hurt for the damned media to get off their backs and let them do their thing ...

The absolute worst thing that can happen here is Ottawa getting run into the ground and the league buying it back to get the club back on it's feet.

Ottawa isn't moving or folding. the CFL wants a team in the nations capital too bad to lose the Gades.

Right KK. But as I've stated before in here, I get the sense that the majority of people outside the Ottawa area want the Renegades to fold. I guess it makes them feel good and they can't separate Government Politicians, a.k.a. crooks, (which you folks send us and the City gets the blame for) from real football loving people. Who knows, and frankly who cares.

We will survive.

Actually, they have given them a chance. Twice. First they turned the Rough Riders from a team struggling at the gate and on the field into a team that was the laughingstock of the league, if not of all professional sports. Then they owned the Shreveport Pirates, and while I don't blame them for the failure of US expansion, they didn't show that they had learned from their mistakes. Then they're allowed to purchase the Renegades, more as a last resort to keep the franchise from folding than as an attempt to improve the team's fortunes. And once again, they proceed to make a bad situation worse.

In spite of what you think, supersmith, I believe most CFL fans across the country hope the Renegades remain in Ottawa, and thrive there. I know I do. But as long as the Gliebermen are running the show, while they may remain, they certainly won't thrive. As long as they continue to pay the bills, the team will continue playing and losing in their increasingly-empty stadium. But eventually Daddy's going to get tired of forking over millions a year for Junior's little hobby, and they're going to pull out, again, and leave the team in the capable hands of someone like Horn Chen.

And we know where it goes from there.

Are Lonie and Bernie responsible for the team's problems? No, previous ownership groups are to blame for those. But when their main focus was to increase attendance, a 20% decrease can't be blamed on previous owners. I put that directly onto Lonie "Show-Me-Your-B00BS" Glieberman.

I've been saying this for a while, to give them a chance at a full off season. They are going to have a 2 for 1 season ticket sale for the most expensive seats in the place, so i'll be saving some money this year. As far as i'm concerned, they haven't done anything wrong, except for the mardi gras thing, but that was cancelled before it really got out of hand.

THe Gades aren't going anywhere, the Gliebs are here for the long run.