Found this petition earlier.

Everybody needs to sign it.

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Finally a way to express my thoughts on the subject that might have an impact.

I don't like what happened at all, But, I don't want a hand into anybody getting fired.

I too wouldn't try to get someone fired by joining, or supporting, a group of individuals trying to do so. In the odd case, not this one, I might try through my individual efforts though. On this issue, I do believe that Jeff Harbin should be removed, with cause, from his position as a replay official and yet I can see that a perhaps more likely dismissal will be that of Glen Johnson because the league may be more concerned about his causing it embarrassment than Harbin's inability to make proper calls.

I think the petition will just signify the distaste of what has happened. There is no way a petition will or should effect a personnel issue of a business like the CFL. It sends a message that we are all pissed and something publicly has to be done.
Whatever the outcome, it's a way of getting out our frustration with the situation.

Ive always been a believer that unless you have a better solution you can't complain.
The league needs to think this over and consider all options. Firing one person wont fix this.

I agree ...firing one person won't do it.
Fire Orridge, Johnson and all the incompetent officials.
Not sure how to replace the on field officials, but the others would be easy!
"Your fired". Here's your severance. Hire PINBALL and let him fix the rest. Can't be any worse than it is now. At least he has been involved with all aspects of a CFL team in the past and is well respected.
I know he was an Argo lifer but I can get past that :rockin:

I'm not much of one for petitions in general. And I don't like tampering with people's livelihoods (I've personally fired a couple dozen people in my career and have hated it more each time). A public clamour for someone's head is not my idea of good practice.

The man made a mistake. Maybe more than one. How his superiors decide to deal with that is up to them, and I would leave them to do that on their own and in private.

Yes, there's something definitely lacking when a manager publicly throws his employee under the bus when a mistake is made.

I doubt very much anybody would be fired because of a petition but if enough fans signed it it might incent the league to do something to improve this officiating train wreck.

Maybe we can hope that video replays and challenges will end. The decision on the field by the ref would be final.

I would support that. I've never liked challenges and reviews at all. Don't like the wasting of time, or the second guessing. While they're at it, I'd love to see them abolish team timeouts. If a team can't get its act together and run a play, tough luck, try to do a better job next time.

Remember that PI challenges were brought in because Hamilton got away with a crazy PI call at the end of the Montreal playoff game in Guelph.

The intent is right and there’s room for reviews, they just have to get their house in order.

There is no need for off site review. Give game refs access to all the views and slo mo. Have each team choose from their injured/non playing roster and designate them as viewers as well. Majority rules.
OR move crisis centre to Winnipeg and hire only ex-players.

Not worth getting someone fired over a football game.waste of time

Are you telling me that the replay official actually gets PAID?

Of course he gets PAID !!!.........every time he cashes in another ticket with his bookie. The guy is as crooked as a dog's hind leg and if he died tomorrow they would have to screw him into the ground. Someone should be starting an investigation into seeing if there's been any significant spikes in Jeff Harbin's bank account recently . This asshole has had his palm greased by someone and has been padding his fat wallet with loads of cash at the expense of our Cats and the good fans of this team and the CFL ever since he got the job as the "Lone Commander" of the Command Centre. I say FIRE HIS ASS and Burn the Command centre down to the ground. :twisted:

There are a couple reasons reviews are done in the command centre and not on site.

  1. Controlled environment, there isn't fans and coaches screaming at you while you go "under the hood" - it puts the head official in a tough spot.

  2. The thought was (especially in MLB) that a head referee wouldn't want to overrule one of his own calls or one of his crew's call. I agree completely with this as you're asking someone to admit he's wrong.

Again, I don't think HOW they do replays is what needs to be fixed. What has to be looked at is who is making the final call. What are their qualifications? Should there be 3 people in the command centre with a majority rules for each call? Personally I like that idea.

JEFF HARBIN !!!..................