To have Oski Oui Oui remove any Printers reference from his signature.

Whereas, we the fans of of the Hamilton Tiger Cats, after enduring a damaged Jason Maas, while Oski-Oui-Oui displayed a signature of "Fire up the Maas-erati", demand the removal of Russ' current signature proclaiming him the Charter Member of the Printers Union. Tempting fate again shall not be tolerated.

Sign Here.

PS - Oski Oui Oui is quite possibly the best user name on this site (the chant, his location...pure genius) and he is a knowledgeable football mind. No offense Russ!


Almost choked on my signing crayon... :wink:

For the record, "Fire up the Maas-erati!" was an initial reflection when he was signed. It (d)evolved later into "Fire the Maas-erratum"... :wink:

Oski wee CASEY BOOSTER, :wink:

…and you forgot that he was also I believe a charter member of the Chang Gang.

Incorrect. I didn't start it and was holding out for some Maas turnaround (I was calling for him to remain the starter until mid-August or so) until it came readily apparent we had to give Timmy a shot to start as we were quickly tanking another season again. I called for a Maas-Chang tandem for at least a month before we saw the two starts of Timmy against the Blue Team...ugh.

I have been wrong before in football matters, but I don't think my average in this armchair is that bad. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

I humbly stand corrected.

And............your armchair average is probably superior to mine anyways.

No doubt about it; Russ is the most gifted writer on this site. (IMHO)

When he agrees with a point, he intelligently points out why he agrees, and does so without offending those who disagree.

His diplomacy, humility and humour are second to none.

I'm proud to be a chartered member of the Printers Union!

I agree completely!

Russ brings nothing but a level head and a strong dose of class to this site and I truly respect him for that.

Cheers, Russ!

strong dose of class
...but his taste in Tijuana Brass album cover art is still questionable. The original is best. :)

(You'll have to search some pretty old threads for this reference.)

Thanks for the props, guys!

Mark, let use relive our most pleasant debate! << the thread in question :D :D :D

My choice:


Mark: it's not the cream, it's the girl! LOL :wink:

Oski Wee Whip,

I would like to choose both if I may. :slight_smile:

Album covers aren't what they use to be. (Then again, neither is finding an album)