Petition to uncensor "s-u-c-k"

OK, I'm sick to death of the word "s-u-c-k" being blanked out every time it's used. As far as I can tell, it's ONLY been used to describe a hated team or bad situation. I've never seen it used in a perverted manner on these boards, and I'm sure that if it ever was, a mod would catch it and could do something about it.

Can we PLEASE get the word uncensored?!?

Vote ...

I'm with you

Agreed, but why is it censored to begin with?

I'm surprised that there are two "no" votes ...

it was probably mods :lol:

Why would it be only a mod that would vote "no"?

...your smiley face recinds the death sentence that comment might have carried.....I vote for it to be unlocked too, it's a common enough word in today's language that it shouldn't offend anyone, and if it were used improperly it would be quickly caught...

It's absolutely ridiculous, imo, that a word like s*ck is censored, while various creative spellings of far more inappropriate words are allowed to roam free.....

well said jm

As this is official website of the Hamilton Tiger Cats.

Bob's house...bob's rules.

Like it or lump it.

Go to one of the fan-operated websites.

Bob Young can have any standards of conduct he wants
and he set it up so guests in his house adhere to this one.

Frustrating to some but 'them are the breaks.'

can you say bites instead...

I guess so.


Some other site censors … “Bozo” … once they figured out it applied to Boz Braley

Wonder where that came from? :thup:

the 'no votes' are either mods or ex-Ottawa "fans". Who wants an adjective that almost exclusively describes their lost franchise and lacking fan-base uncensored?

(yes, it was a cheap shot).. But i just had to. Even if they don't uncensor it, i'll continue to use "s^ck" to describe Ottawa and the moderators.


You do realize that the moderators have absolutely no say about which words are automatically censored, right?

That s^cks.


Im all for it getting uncessored but were still lightyears ahead of sportsnet who censor words like black, colored and mother

and TSN, if I remember correctly ...

I doubt it's Bob Young who decides which words are and are not censored.

Is blow censored?

obviously not ...

I blame Bob Young. His company made the site, and we all know how he feels about the chant

I’m not going to lose any sleep over this one way or another, it’s not that big of a deal. Censorship is part of life everywhere and disagreements will arise. For the record I voted ‘yes’ to uncensor it though.