Petition to retire #81

With word that Johnny Quinn wants to wear #81, does anyone think it is time to retire the hallowed number of Ray "Harley" Elgaard?


what's so great about Elgaard? seriously?

there are a few #'s ahead of him that could be retired that aren't.

I'd like to see the #80 retired in honor of the great Donald Narcisse

I take it you don't know much about football to make such a comment about Elgaard. Anyone who watched the Riders in the 80's knew that Elgaard was "clutch", someone that could ALWAYS be counted on (ex. Labour Day 1986). Quinn hasn't done ANYTHING to warrant the respect to get the hallowed 81.

I don't disagree that other numbers could be retired, but would you "un-retire" 23, or 34 and give it to a rookie? I don't think so!!

But it isnt retired so it's fair game

Maybe for someone who knows squat about Elgaard.

An argument can be made for everybody in the plaza of honour to have a number retired. But, as far as I know, there are only the two.

Guys like Ridgeway, Elgaard, Narcise, Farthing, Austin, Jurasin are honoured in the plaza, but retiring a number is reserved for legends.

And Elgaard isn't in the "legendary" category? If we remember, when Elgaard retired, he was the LEADING CFL pass catcher of all time (which has since been passed by Narcisse, Pitts and Stegall). Being the leader at retirement time does get someone into the legendary category!!

We had the same debate last season when Gerran Walker noticed that #80 wasn't taken.

I don't know why they don't retire numbers in Sask. I think Elgaard, Narcisse, and Ridgeway had enough records at the end of their careers to warrant the honour, but it's not the team's policy. They haven't retired a number in a couple decades -- why would they start now?

if I remember correctly, Aldag's 44 was the last number to be retired.

There are 8 numbers retired:

Ray was a fantastic player, played a lot of years in Saskatchewan, etc etc.

Technically (all drama aside), Kent Austin did way more for the franchise, so I'd vote to retire #5 first... but if neither are retired, it won't break my heart. Plaza of Honour does the recognition thing very well.

I loved watching ya Ray, but I won't be signing any petitions.

how little you know me..

I've probably forgotten more about the game of Football than you know...

Elgaard may have been a big time receiver for the Riders.. but he's not a legend. He had his good years but he had his bad years too.

he also was known for dropping those passes that were catchable too!

i know all too well about Elgaard son!

yup. that's right. And nobody else at this point should have his number retired.

Kent Austin wasn't exactly Doug Flutie here.

he did have some years with many many passing yards but he wasn't amazing and game killers!

there were times, many when Austin disappointed us too.

Narcisse isn't the greatest receiver ever.. he had amazing hands, great moves and very skilled but he wasn't a superstar..

guys like Allen Pitts, Milt Stegall were more amazing.

I do not believe in retiring #s, let's just get on with life. What do you want to be like? The Montreal Canadiens who will retire the # of anyone who plays over 10 games in a season for them :stuck_out_tongue: :roll:

btw - Elgaard, or as he was better known 'Biker Ray' was a tremendous player and we should/could honour his # no problem.

Elgaard is/was a tough call. He’s in that second tier of all-time players that is on the cusp of consideration for the honour. But, if you believe a case can be made for Elgaard, then how do you say no to retiring the numbers of Jurasin, DeFrance, Walters, and that whole bunch of others already mentioned. I think every era has a number of great players, which these guys were. But retiring a number generally means you transcend your era, and become part of the very fabric of a franchise. I don’t think that I can say that about Elgaard, as good as he was.

Go look at those two giant banners on the West side of Mosaic, and tell me what you feel standing there. That’s what you need to have your number retired. I don’t think Elgaard quite gets there. The closest one that isn’t is probably Ridgway.

In honor of retired Rider numbers, the great few. I think Quinn or Elgaard are not within the likes of Lancaster, Reed, Aldag etc. If they are retired though, Rider Nation would likely want to see Narcisse, Ridgeway, and others numbers follow suit. They were greats to a lot of fans who never watched Lancaster or Reed.

what's the difference between narcisse and elgaard? you sayin elgaard isn't worht it, you obviously don't know much.

good call daridersfan!


Tough one to call he was great but not quite sure about being great enough to have his number retired, far from legend material,

Bring it on, chump!! I'll leave you in my dust!!