Petition to remove seymour and slimjim2 from this forum

Dear Mods,

There are two posters here by the name of seymour and slimjim, and they both constantly hijack virtually every single thread on this forum with anti-Canadian content propaganda.

They literally work against the well-being of Canadian talent, and would like to see it limited even further than it already is, and they are in constant opposition to literally everyone on this board.

Regardless of how anyone feels about the ratio, the constant thread hijacking with anti-ratio BS is clearly against forum rules. So they are not only very disruptive in general, but also break the rules daily here.

It might also be good to post how you voted, so it's also a list of how each voter personally feels, rather than just voting stats.

I voted yes of course.

We've certainly got enough Canadians to fill the ratio without them. I vote them off

Yes, everyone is entitled to express their opinion, but I'm sick of hearing it and I'm sick of threads constantly getting hijacked to rehash their ratio issues.

So yes, they can hold an opinion, but it's disruptive to the board as a whole

If you two read this, stop talking about it here and send your letters to the CFL office and see how they react.

I wasn't going to vote, so I moved on to the Timmis Carolina thread. But when I saw that it got turned into another ratio argument I came back here to vote yes.

Sadly I think Einstein's definition of insanity might be at play here:

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in that they seem to expect us to be convinced of the "righteousness" of their argument and realize the error of our ways. This will never happen with me, and, I think most other posters on this site.

Hopefully they finally realize that they are wasting their time with their arguments (as their arguments do have some (to me faulty) logic to them) and either go away on their own, or stop beating that dead horse.


Ya they do ramble on too much about nothing but easy way, find a post click their name hit Add Foe you dont have to read non of there rubbish anymore

I voted no. Why, given our opposing opinions on the international rule? That’s why. If I want to talk only to those who agree with me, I’ll go record myself and play it back.

That said, I wish they would rein in their single-minded enthusiasm for changing this rule, and avoid hijacking any thread that mentions a player as being Canadian. It does get a bit tiring. But a ban, or even a time out? I wouldn’t go that far.

I voted no. I want to maintain the right to decide for myself whose posts I read or ignore. And the functions available on this forum allow ME to do that. I don't want that decided for me by others.

And dissenting views - are always a good thing - because it makes you rethink your own views - and sometimes might even make you change your mind. And if not - you should just be more confident that you are right.

And if posts you disagree with from others upset you so much that it makes you not want to come back to the forum - well to be brutally honest - that tells me more about you than the person you are disagreeing with. (and FYI in case that is ambiguous - not in a good way).

Those who respect free speech... I can respect that, but this is not a democracy. This is a private team/CFL resource that is built for team/league interests, and fan enjoyment.

Let's also not skip the fact that on thread hijacking alone they should have been banned long ago. They subvert almost every thread with their ratio crap.

So why should we respect their opinion when they don't respect ours, and constantly throw giant wrenches into the gears of this forum?

Constantly taking threads off-topic with the same complaint is what should get them bans, or lengthy suspensions, not the opinions themselves. I have no problem with dissenting opinions -- I have a big problem with someone who is unable to respect fellow posters enough to shut up about the same stupid issue when the subject at hand is NOT the ratio. I'm not a Cats fan, so I won't vote in the poll, but if I could vote, I would vote Yes.

I also voted no, but, almost every thread started( I know, I start way too many! :oops: ) that has some form of Canadian content will undoubtedly end up being hijacked with the same arguments, it just happens way too often, It makes me feel that it is an intentional disruption of the threads.

Going off-topic is a legitimate offense according to the forum code of conduct. So why is it not being enforced in this instance?

[quote="disciplineandpunish"]Going off-topic is a legitimate offense according to the forum code of conduct. So why is it not being enforced in this instance?[/quote]

BINGO :thup: :thup:

Don't make me laugh! These forum threads are a free-flowing discussion where comments and opinions that are both related and non-related to the original subject are constantly entering the discussion. I'll wager that every thread of any appreciable length on this forum eventually includes posts that stray from the original subject.

This is a moderation issue.

Yep. The only option is the foe button. Mr. Young has made it clear through both words and deeds that the amount of moderator enforcement of the forum rules will be approximately nil.

So what if everyone just totally ignored anything and everything these two clowns post? Don't argue or try to apply logic. Just ignore them. They will have no reason to post since we don't give a rats a$$ about their opinions. So, make them a foe, don't repost their comments and none of us will be subject to their convoluted logic or "them" words from Slimjim. :rockin:

I voted no.

I enjoy arguments and comments contrary to my way of viewing a particular topic. Even if it is repetitive.

The foe button is there if you wish.

I don't expect everyone to agree with me all the time (or maybe ever?), but my opinions are just that…mine.

I would vote no.

I disagree with their point of view, as I think is well known. I know what their point of view is on the subject, and repetition of it is needless and has become tiresome. I wish they would resist the temptation to repeat it so often. It doesn't add to their argument, and if responses to this poll are any indication, it has reduced rather than increased their persuasiveness.

I haven't made them foes and don't plan to. I've only made a couple of people foes here over the years, and the individuals in question were people who were way over the top in rudeness and personal insults, not to me so much as to others. I believe ultimately they were banned or left of their own volition. That was years ago. This does not apply in the current case.

By the way, making a person a foe does not mean you will not see any posts by them. If they are quoted by another poster, you will see the foe's post embedded in the one quoting it. So you'll still see a number of their posts anyway. Only if the foe is not quoted or not responded to by anyone will you avoid seeing their remarks.