Petition to have Herb Zurkowsky replaced?

Who here would support a petition to The Gazette to have a new reporter assigned to the Als? There must be a way that we can have someone a little more interested in football cover the Als...I think if we can get 100 names it could help change things.

Unfortunately, newspapers (and other media outlets) love it when consumers complain about their writers. It means you are buy and reading their stuff.

We have a hockey writer out here named Tony Gallagher. What a weasle! People would flood the newspaper with complaints and letters to the editor. What did the newspaper do? Gave him a raise! Charged more for advertising in the sports section under his column.

Be careful what you do! You could give this Herb guy a life time job!

I agree with sporty, a petition wont do much, a drop in sales is what hurts.

Don’t forget his weekly appearance on CFCF sports

As a non resident of Quebec who has been an avid follower of the Als,Herb Z.remains the number one writer re the Als. From my perspective, a writer should provoke intelligent sports writing. This means that not all readers will agree with his writing content. If you love or, hate the guy, his writing Provides good content re the Als. Many can be critical, but, I prefer a writer who creates and. gives opinions rather than a writer who gives bland factual reports. Keep it up Herb!!!!

Well at least Herb has one friend...

Prob is Hassal,
Herb pretends to be the all knowing all seeing football expert. If his "predictions" turn out to be true, he reminds you, it they turn out false, you never hear about it again, Or in the case of the Don, he pretty much calls the Als management liars and insists that his(herb) version is the truth.

And when it comes right down to it, and I admit my despise for pretty much all media. What makes his opinion worth more than anyone Else's especially the people who actually run the team?
Who's opinion is worth more? Someone like Popp's or Smith's who has been in football all their lives, building its future, or someone who just writes about what happened?

Oh please. His opinion should carry a little more weight than yours because he is around the team and the league just a little bit more than you. Secondly, it just might be possible that Smith and Popp don't always tell the truth because they have a little thing called "their jobs" which are hanging in the balance. Finally I don't care who the reporter is, if I were the Als Popp would go-- as GM he he should have no choice but to speak to the reporter from the Gazette. To not speak to him is an insult to all Als fan who get their news from that paper. To allow this to go on says a lot more about what the Als have become than it does about the newspaper. The newspaper is not actually supposed to be part of the Als PR campaign. Personally I've had more than enough of Popp, and Smith is starting to show all the skill that made his expansion of the league into the U.S. such a great success. H3e seems to be very good at promoting himself, but in actuality I think his last great success was the last time he touched the ball in a CFL game.(as a player).

Why should Popp or anyone be forced to talk to the press?
Furthermore what is the point if Herb is going to make him out to be a liar. You yourself basicly called Popp and Smith liars.

As an Als fan, not speaking to the Gazette is not a insult.....Having the reported twist what was said and trying to make Popp and Smith look bad so the reporter can look good is the insult.

You can cry all you want about Popp and Smith but it wont change the fact that the Als are booming here in Montreal and that it thanks to the two of them.

Dont be a typical bandwagon jumper because of one bad season.

Ro, as a working journalist, I'm getting a little tired (not to mention insulted) by your repeated tirades against the media.
Any decision by a professional sports team to ostracize the media is both childish and self-defeating.
Besides, you carry on about your beloved Jim Popp. In the meantime, all one has to do is read a few threads from the archives to realize you were as critical of Popp last season as the rest of us.
Ro, you are an intelligent, insightful contributor to this forum. But if I were you, I would take a look in the mirror and think twice before you accuse other people of hypocracy.

Sorry buddy but my opinion of the media is my opinion of the media.
Believe me when I say although not personally, the media has given me plenty of occasion to be insulted.
I even posted several newspaper articles that show why.

So what is your point? Can you not see that it possible to be both critical at times and back up Popp other times.

Herb has a vendetta against Popp and Smith and uses his position as a journalist to take unfair shots at both of them. I even believe that he has printed outright lies.

IMO he(Herb) should be reporting the news(the game) and not his opinion.

The Als were looking for a new head coach, if he knows so much about the game and can point out everything that Popp and the Don were doing wrong, why didn't he apply for the job?

The Als haven't ostracized "The media". They are making sure Herb goes through proper and documented chanels. In the last couple of months: Wettenhaul has agreed to his interview, Trestman has agreed to talk to him, last week Desjardins talked with him.

I am sure Dorais returns all of his requests. Popp is not OBLIGATED to talk to him.

Very true. Teams are obligated to make players available periodically as per CFL rules, but GMs aren't part of that arrangement.

As far as ostracizing fans via avoiding the media, how do things change if the media takes on the role of undermining the perception of the team? Doesn't the team have an obligation to keep that to a minimum so loyal fans aren't upset by that kind of coverage?

Funny it should happen, but the three respondees to my post are among those whom I respect the most and look forward to what they have to say.

In the ever-expanding sphere of media, you have, in fact, become a journalist yourself. Welcome to the fold, Ro.

You may have a point. There have been opinions voiced in the past that several hockey players have avoided joining the Habs because they don't want to be under the intense, critical scrutiny of the Montreal media.
On the other hand, what separates Montrealers from the rest of Canada is their passion.
It would be easy for Herb Z. to be a mouthpiece for Als management. All he would have to do is rewrite some press releases, echo whatever sports cliche was thrown his way and go home.
The loyal fans may eat it up, but the Montreal sports fan may be unimpressed and drift away.
Sorry gentlemen, but I agree with what Hassall wrote earlier in the thread and stand behind Herb.
hassall wrote:
"I prefer a writer who creates and. gives opinions rather than a writer who gives bland factual reports. Keep it up Herb!!!!"

I find it interesting how you defend the media’s right to voice their opinion, yet chastise me for voicing mine.

Even if that opinion is clouded by his dislike for the team management?

I again bring up Herb and the Don. What gives Herb the right to basically call Popp and Mathiews liars by insisting he(Mathiews)was fired?
It was announced Mathiews retired, who is Herb to question and deny this fact?

ro1313, your comment "I admit my despise for all the media " is a a very strong- if not pathological- statement. Surely the goal of the media and the fans is to facilitate discussion on what we all have interest in which, in this case, is our football team. I would think that most of us would not "despise" someone who has a differing opinion than we do about a game. Your degree of anger comes out loud and clear and indeed, it is too loud. You might want to do something about such hostility.

I admit it was prob a bad choice of words. I do not have any hostility towards them, nor do I have any respect for them.

Newspapers and the like used to be a place to read the news. Now they have become a personal blog for the writer.

The papers are filled with writers who push their own political parties. Financial annalists who feel they know better than CEOs who actually run the companies and sports writes who were prob picked last for evey teams who are going to tell us what the coaches and GMs are doing wrong.

Then we have reporter who seem to enjoy sticking a camera in the faces of people who are watching everything they own go up in flames because of a fire.

I know I have posted this link before. Maybe you have seen it maybe you have not but here is a good example of how they print outright lies.....
Explain to me how I should have any respect after this.

[url=] ... hate+media[/url]

If I didn't know better it would read like some small airline's legal department is trying to find a way to get an aircraft manufacturer to pay for a crash that their insurance company probably refuses to cover on the grounds that the pilots were negligent.

Think the lawyer has a buddy who owns or writes for a newspaper? :roll:

Kind of reminds me of that US pilot that killed a bunch of people in Italy (Cut a cable on a lift) a few years ago.

Thing is that the Americal Media blames the pilots of the American Airline!

The Canadian media lied and tried to blame the Canadian Manufacturer

Maybe the Canadian Media writters are trying to get better paying jobs with the National Enquirer.

Thanks for the reminder link ro, I forgot about that one. Brings back bad memories!