Petition - Joe Montford

i agree about the "baby" references, ill drop it. As for the tampa bay d-ray's, i mentioned them intentionally since our former gm worked for that joke franchise and is from that area.

I agree bringing in Joe doesn't make sence, but it's not like Cheatwood or Cotton are setting the league on fire.

"Keep in mind, sugar, that just as many of those suggestions come from the boys around here"

Imagine, tallying all the idotic posts, ideas, threads, brainless musings of things that have absolutley nothing to do with the team other than to kiss somebody's ass said by "men" in here??....and that's just in the past three days.

“Joe was cut from Edmonton prior to training camp for salary reasons. That did not have anything to do with his performance.”"

It didn’t?


How naive!

PS I wish some of you would quit entering the lack of football knowledge women have, into the equation.

How quaint...

So rather than diss me for my apparent lack of football knowledge please enlighten me…

Joe was the Defensive Player for the Grey Cup Champions in 2005.
Once again, I am asking, how was his being cut prior to training camp in 2006 based on performance?

On a side note, I can’t wait until next week when all the kids are back in school.

Your blatant lack of respect for other forum members is atrocious. Typcial for someone that likes to hide behind a screen name and bait other people.

wow , you got 9 names, i guess the ti-cats, are gonna be overwhelmed by the tremendous support and bow down to you, wow 9 names.LOL :thdn: :thdn:'s down to your petition, 9 names is a pure joke.

Amen to that :smiley:

Well once again the usuall trolls are here to spread their drivell! Don't woory TC...every time they post brings your thread to the top of the forum!'s always the same ones and the Silent Majority will be heard!

Imagine talking like some do to a person's face! I hardly think they would call Joe "Garbage" to his face! :roll:

I find it hilarious that in football related threads that get heated, mods come in and lock it with their parting lines... but in THIS thread, name calling, disrespect for opinions, insults towards an entire gender.... we let it go.

It just makes me shake my head.

yo andrea,

this is why: ... ford060427

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im 6'5'' 250 lbs., i aint scared of nobody.

Your links just proved my point.
The article clearly says that Joe was a ‘salary cap

Hey playmaker...

Maybe you should be playing the "D"!

andrea, my point is that the articles, are justing listening to the team's BS- "we cut joe montford for salary cap reasons" is really a nice way of saying "This guy is done, and he s*cks, and cant play anymore."

getting cut for salary cap reasons -
translation- you can't play anymore and your useless for the team.

Also the salary cap isnt in full effect this season, its supposed to be in effect for 2007.

so its all BS, the esks are almost as bad at BS'ing the media as the argos.

ill play for free, just feed me some steak from the keg and give me a 2-4 of beer.

Thank goodness you're finally coming out of your shell. You've been so quiet and reserved in your initial weeks on this board (a mere 20 posts per day!), and I think I speak for everyone in saying we would welcome more of your thoughtful, well-reasoned posts.

Intermission time ! :smiley:

is it really 20 posts per day? wow, i need to improve to 40 posts per day.


anyways, i say no to Joe in steeltown.