Petition - Joe Montford

Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition. Although there have been some negative comments, the signatures are supporting the cause! Keep signing and tell all your friends! :smiley:

Regardless of my personal feelings on the matter, i think there's a few things preventing this from happening...

  1. His attitude before and after he left probably wont sit well with Ron Lancaster.

  2. I dont think our new GM is looking to bring in Joe, In fact i highly doubt its even on his radar.

  3. From a football standpoint, he really didnt look good in Edmonton.

I dont think it will happen, i honestly dont think our football ops are even considering it.

if contribute, than you must mean giving motivational speeches. If so, they could hire montford to be with anthony robbins.


 is that you?????

Thanks for the luck. But I think stats speak for themselves.

Last year:

Games played Cotton 16 Montford 15

Tackles Cotton 38 Montford 27

Sacks Tied for 10 each

Forced Fumbles Montford 4 (second in the league) Cotton 0

This year Cotton stats - 9 games - 12 tackles- zero sacks

That and his ability to make the crowd and players get in the game make me want him.

are you for real?
what does gender have to do with knowing about football?

if montford was so amazing, everybody would be all over him, its clear he is garbage and will never be anything, so why waste time on him, this thread should be locked , enough of these threads dedicated to overrated, un disciplined , useless players. This thread seems like the type that drunk mcmahon would create. Bringing Joe Montford back is as crazy, outrageous, and senile as the Oakland Raiders bringing back Jeff George.

So in a nutshell, with Cotton being five years younger than Joe Montford - statistically speaking only, of course - Cotton is not as good as Joe Montford in his prime, but rather plays as well as the alledgedly 'washed up' version.


But what do I know? Being a woman and all, I just watch football for the men in tight pants (you know who you are) and for the sake of puppy love.

As far as I could tell no one that is in support of Joe has claimed he is still in his prime, but that doesn't mean he can't make contributions to the team.
They really can't get any worse than that debacle last week.

No one is as good as Joe in his prime.

That is by far the funniest thing I have read on this forum EVER. Thanks for making me laugh out loud.
To state that Joe Montford is ‘garbage’ is hilarious.

You are obviously partaking in the beverages today yourself!

While I'm not in favour of bringing Joe back I do think calling him garbage is insane(maybe much like the poster).
I know we sure could use some leaders on this team but I don't think that he is the answer.
Do I think he still has some playing time left in him? yes definitely. But I think we have enough problems at the moment and as much as I like the guy I don't think he can solve them.

honey, shouldn't you be watching the young and the restless right now?

you really have some issues,
obviously you don't have a girlfriend or wife.

playmaker88 wrote:
"its clear he is garbage..."

Now that's not fair! Offers are pouring in to me from smart GM's from across the country.

(knock, knock)

Excuse me. Somebody is at the door.

(*Santa Claus!! No dammit, I won't sign with TC's just to be Santa Claus at their season end party)

Don't feed the I've been told to stay home and bake cookies and several other cute little sexist remarks during my time here. It's an attempt to get a rise out of you and throw you off the debate that you're obviously winning or comments like this wouldn't be needed :wink:

On the subject of Joe and the stats that were brought up, numbers don't lie, but I do think that he may have hurt his chances of playing again when he decided to wait it out at the beginning of the season to see if he got better offers then the ones that were reportedly on the table. I'm not saying that he couldn't contribute to the team this year, maybe he could. What I'm saying is (as Crash pointed out) that I think our new GM will be looking at bringing in long-term prospects rather than looking at someone who might be able to step in for just this year. Just my opinion and by no means a knock on Joe.

baby, im not here to irritate you , or to humiliate you. Im here to talk football, but some of the ideas about free agent signings have gotten outta hand, and I couldnt sit back any longer and have people devise ideas to turn this team into the tampa bay devil rays of the CFL.

Exactly right, b'girl.
There are so many other areas to address bringing in Montford for a PR stunt is a poinltess exercise.For football reasons trying to coax some good play out of him at the expense of Cheatwood or Cotton makes even LESS sense.
He's demonstrated he has lost it TWICE in EDM this year so why try him again here? he could have retired as a Cat when he had the chance , he chose not to.

It's over.Stop digging up the corpse.

I totally agree with you about some of the signing ideas just lose the baby honey crap. It's idiotic childish BS and also has nothing to do with football.
And about turning this team into the tampa devil rays well we do have so many of their former employees.

Not to be rude or disrespectful - but how did he demonstrate that he lost it twice in Edmonton (maybe I missed something)?
Joe was cut from Edmonton prior to training camp for salary reasons. That did not have anything to do with his performance.

While I am absolutely certain Joe would NOT be a good fit with Lancaster at the helm, I have a tremendous amount of awe for the football player he has been over the years. It is always a nostalgic time for people when their favourite players get branded as tired old veterans. Joe set the bar high for himself when he was in his prime, it makes it hard for him to live up to the expectations that he can produce at that level forever.

Well sweetcakes, that's a good thing, because it takes a whole lot more to irritate me and I have no pride left so humiliation is not an option. To your point about the free agent signings, I don't disagree with that. Keep in mind, sugar, that just as many of those suggestions come from the boys around here :wink: