Petition - Joe Montford

Thanks to Woody’s fantastic posts the other day about Joe Montford, it got me motivated to see just how much the city wants him back.

Please see my petition:

Thanks everyone!

If I sign this petition, will you sign the one I am going to start to bring back Grover Covington and Mike Walker? Since we are resurrecting former great players and all just to be sentimental ...


The Tiger Cats owe Montford nothing.

Last thing they need on the team right now is another old sway back nag.

Didn’t your mother tell you if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all? If you don’t want to sign it, no problem, but please do not make fun of me or my opinion.

Montford just slide to where the bread was buttered. He slide right off the plate this time and thats where he should stay. His time is past.

If people followed that we'd have a LOT less posts here :wink:

I apologize, I didn't think I made fun of you personally in any way. I was just expressing my difference in opinion on the subject matter, that is all. But if I offended you, I do apologize. I just think it wouldn't be the smartest move for the franchise at this time.

He's done. Why do you think that NO OTHER TEAM IN THE FRICKIN' CFL HAS SIGNED HIM?!?!?

There is no doubt he can still play. I think it's something more that is led to believe us fans.

If you have something to contribute that you feel pertains to the post, I would love to hear it. If you are just re-hashing what you have posted before or wish to insult my opinion, it's not really necessary.

I don't care how much attention Dropkickpro would like, what he posted was just plain wrong.

big joe has nothing left in the tank, the game has passed him by, he is past his prime and is useless otu there agaisnt bigger , stronger, and faster offensive tackles. If the ti-cats wanna bring him back to honour him and put him in their wall of fame and thank him for his contributions, im fine with that, otherwise the team should have nothing to do with him.

Personally, I have no reason to believe you are a woman. Personally I have no intention to support a return to the Tiger Cats by an over the hill player. What other than a driving puppy love urges you to have that old dog back. Nothing? OH.

preach it brother, enough of this sympathy stuff and trying to be all lovey-dovery. We need a smashmouth football attitude.

Is this supposed to be funny?
If so,it's not.

Wow this really has jumped the shark.

In an attempt to get this back on track I’d like to wish you luck with your petition TC_Chick. I don’t think Joe could beat out Cheatwood or Cotton for the spot, but I admire the fact that you’re standing by what you believe in. Good luck with it.

Pop 2 aspirin and see Joe in the morning.

boreham girl

nice post.

you voiced your opinion while keeping positive on someone elses comments.


I think the reason that we might consider bring Joe back to finish his career here is two fold!

first..He can contribute and would compliment Cotton and Cheatwood!

second...he would be a motivating leader in the lockerroom! His very presence demands attention. He is a very imposing figure to the opposition and his intensity and drive would translate into positive results!

Joe would be extremely motivated to shut up his detractors. It's worth giving it a shot. It's not like we don't need a little help right now!

It would be nice to hear from the silent MAJORITY who would like to see Joe back as a Ticat!

its a simple question, so answer it! im sick of the politically correct BS that goes on here.