Petition for CFL video game doing well after only 5 hours

CFL video game anyone???...petition doing well after only 7 HRS, 53 PEOPLE have to make a difference?

Today is a great day in CFL history. Maybe. For today, is the day that the CFL video game was born. At least in my head. And, I know, in most of yours in many different forms and versions.

I started a petion today that I am going to take to Electronic Arts Inc. encouraging them to finally partner with the CFL and CFLPA, and bring to consumers all over Canada(at least for now) a CFL videogame that we can all enjoy.

If you would like to sign the petition, read it carefully. Its takes roughly 2 minutes.

A belief whether it is possible or not is unecessary for this petition. Your help is necessary as I am presenting this as evidence for a viable marketplace and demand. I encourage all friends, family, or associates that wish to purchase a CFL video game to sign this petition.

Thank you and I assure you that there are no good reasons this type of game doesnt exsist already. Maybe just some red tape to tear down with thousands of people.

ill sign, but do you have any idea how many of these petitions there are?

at least 30

I realize that and it made me think about it half way through. This is however being well responded to and Im going to ride it out and do as I intended to do which is collect market research in a new way using sites like Youtube, Facebook,, amongst others, and present it to the PA, The CFL(under new commish), and Electronic Arts.

Like I said, its doesnt matter wether or not you believe that this is possible. What matters is that you get yourself and all of your friends, family, and associates to sign the petition.

At the current pace of signees' signing up, I will have reached 50,000 signatures in less than 9 months. Thats why its so important that we talk about this and sign this petition. If we could double that pace through word of mouth and guerilla research, we could promise gold record demand for that product. In as long as it takes to have a baby. The decimals and zeros line up to me. I have some ideas on how to break down the red tape, and I need yours.

I know its been done before as a former signee. How many have been presented to the PA, The CFL(under new commish), and Electronic Arts?


Just a quick suggestion you may want to take your petition to 2KSports as well, they make the new all pro football game. I believe they are a smaller company and may respond better to the petition than EA.

Thats something I had thought about too. I might know some people at EA but I still have yet to contact this old friend and get his signature. He is a CFL fan too! Im very busy publicizing this petition right now and plan to do so for the remainder of the season. I hope to work with my local news media and club in promotion of the petition. I'll keep you keep me posted too.


Heck yes I will sign. I too have signed many different petitions about a CFL video game, but none have made the promise to take it to those who would have the power to make it happen. I really hope that you follow through with this, its about time that Canadian football fans have their own game. The suggestion to take it to 2Ksports is a good one also. They might be more likely to take this on than EA, as they are looking for new football games to make. Also let me know if I can be of any help getting this thing moving.

Sure ... pay for the licensing costs for a developer kit for ONE platform ... how about hire 10, cross platform 'C' developers to develop a new game engine that doesn't infringe upon any of the hundreds of patents that currently exist in EA's John Madden (must be cross platformed .. because I assume this will be ported to other consoles as well). Then hire about 30 game developers, with ranging salaries of 50k-150k to create the content, a few graphics guys .. give it about 2 years of development time .. so set aside some money .. say 25-40 million or so to pay for everything .. this is assuming the CFL & CFLPA does not charge you anything for using their trademarks. Oh - and a few lawyers as well .. much cheaper than paying 3rd party legals for their assistance through the incredible amount of paper work. Then push the game like mad in Canada .. oh right - set aside a few million for advertising - because you'd have to compete with Madden marketing which can be measured in the dozens of millions .. cuz it won't sell in any quantity anywhere else ... and make sure you sell about half a million copies - or you won't make a dime. Oh - and make sure the game is at least ON-PAR game wise, playability wise, and graphic wise with EA's John Madden (the best selling video game series of all time) - since video game enthusiasts are a very picky bunch, and will typically NEVER buy a video game that is a lesser overall quality than the one next to it ...

500k copies to CFL fans that dont even sell out their home stadiums for the actual live games - nevermind the home video game version! There is only 8 cities with teams .. and of these 500k zealot CFL fans that want the video game .. make sure they all have the same game console ..

its a great dream if you completely ignore the logistics.

oh and of course ... GOOD LUCK! If you could develop an Alberta Football League video game as well - i know at least 500 guys that would buy it.


It’s starting to catch up to the “We need to expand to…” threads


One of my favorite quotes that I am now hearing on a day to day basis is,"You cant...". Thank you for the fuel which motivates me to continue.

The promises Ive made are to collect market research in a new way using sites like Youtube, Facebook,, amongst others, and present it to the PA, The CFL(under new commish), and Electronic Arts. Nothing more, nothing less.

I dont blame you for speculating and sharing your opinion. I am just one guy with a dream who has alot of friends.

Yes Oileriderfan, I can think of a couple ways off the top of my head that you can be of assistance. Get the petition URL out there in cyberspace so we can collect more signatures. Also any publicity that you could give it with friends, family, associates and maybe even local sports media, would be constructive. My personal email to follow if you have any questions about the project.

Thank you again, friends, for your constuctive comments and thanks in advance for those still to come.


Good - i'm glad you like hearing it, cuz its exactly what Electronic Arts will tell you. (if they don't finish it off with "you uninformed twit!")

Even if you were able to confuse someone into creating a CFL video game, its going to look like total @ss, as no company is going to pour the amount of time/money required into building a franchise game that resembles anything like Madden (which has essentially taken almost 20 years to build) - The CFL would be stupid to let this happen .. creating a subpar (madden is par) video game does not improve the CFLs image of being a minor league. The CFL can't even get its TV broadcasts up to 1980's standards, nevermind a 5th generation state-of-the-art video game.

the difference between someone telling you, you cant - and someone explaining to you the reasons as to why you cannot is pretty large. Ignoring facts is just wasting yours and everyone elses time.

Carry on tho - I hope you can do it ... When should we expect the release date? Since i've been hearing morons who are well schooled in the art of ignoring reality, whine about not having a CFL game since goddamn Intellivisions and Atari were being produced ... i'm gunna take the safe wager on NEVER.


You waste plenty of our time just being here Statik!

Hey I signed... I'd love to see a CFL game produced. But it has to be top flight or nothing.
I think Statik76 has some valid points. I've stated before that I think the game would be too small and not have enough substance to warrant a big investment from a company like EA. 8 teams and ugly stadiums... not a lot of variety there.
And I know some of you think you can just borrow the Madden engine and reconfigure it for a CFL game on the cheap. However that's not how it works. There are a lot of differences between the NFL game and CFL that would require some major work.

Either way, you got my support. Good luck!

Statik, I agree with you the idea is crazy, but it's not as crazy as you think.

The trick will be to get the co-operation of EA Sports. They've already designed the game engine, so the develpmental costs would be minimal for them, compared to starting from scratch. If you could convince them that this game would essentially be a case of fine-tuning an existing product to suit a new, hitherto untapped market, you'd not only make a CFL video game potentially profitable, you would also help spread out the developmental costs of the Madden game.

The key for them is to spread out their game engine development costs across as many games as possible - NFL, NCAA, why not CFL?

Much like the CFL works with the NFL in certain areas, the two leagues could likewise work together on the development of a CFL version of Madden.

It's probably unlikely this will ever happen, I agree, but it's certainly not as impossible as you make it out to be.

Oh, Go Rough Riders.


I figure it would be better packaged in with an NFL game… much like the EA FIFA series. EPL and MLS for example are packaged in with leagues from around the world along with international play. Makes for a much more playable game.
Maybe a 2009 EA Sports Madden special/limited edition…

Madden with rouges, no yards penalties, three downs, bigger field... it'd be a dream come true.

Unlimited motion...orgasmic :smiley:


Who says the would have to develop a new engine from scratch???

Use the madden engine, graphics and controls. Put the current and some historical teams...and voila!

if u havent signed this yet, sign it

Actually , I agree with Statik, its just going to be a waste of time. The CFL video game just would not sell enough to make it feasible to make, so why sign a petition that is going to fall on deaf ears?

Is it possible EA would add the CFL teams to all Madden games produced in Canada with possibly some CFL money going to the NFL (I doubt we could pay them anywhere NEAR enough but its just a thought).