Petition: A return to respect on this board

I have noticed that this board has turned more and more hostile in recent months. Some familiar posters have left as a result, or rarely visit anymore.

Differing opinions are what this board is all about.

Agree. Disagree. Even argue -- but do so respectfully, abstain from name calling and personal attacks.

I petition for the mods to start enforcing these guidelines more strictly, and I am the first to sign below to agree to abide by them.

Sign below if you agree, and maybe some posters will return, and others will stay.

I have been on this board since day 2 of its first incarnation before Bob came along. The early days were the most fun.

We've gone through 3 periods of relative nastiness (I don't count the eternal nastiness that was the stadium location debate). The worst was about 3-4 years ago. Far worse than today.

Right now there are a relatively small group of nasties and a particular group getting picked on. I don't know why the rivalries or dislikes have developed. To those being singled out, it's gotta hurt.

I'm guessing that we're in a cycle and the wheel will turn. I wish it would turn back to the early days of good natured fun, clever home-grown parodies, contests, polls, and team oriented research.

I can't comment on any specific incident which may have been the cause of this thread because I haven't been keeping up on everything anymore.... but, internet bullying has become serious business. One of my college professors was just warning students about it today and what the college's policy is and the legal/possibly criminal consequences of it are.............he told the story of more than one of his colleagues who ended up with serious emotional/stress issues because of rentless on-line bullying.........

The best thing to do if you feel someone is targeting you: ........ just ignore it and by-pass the comment. Most people can see who the bully is and make their own judgement on the mentality and immaturity of the bully.

it's hard to do, I know, but it's the best way over time

Well Tommy, let me start by saying sorry I called you a dummy. Is it too late to say my account got hacked? Maybe even by you but i doubt it. If you're not buying that I'll take a mulligan.

You do raise a good point though. There seems to be alot of infighting on this board. Perhaps I'm even guilty of it myself. Thank goodness it's not like that in real life. Being a TiCat fan can be very frustrating.

In real life, strangers on the street aren't so strange to me if they're sporting the Black and Gold. I nod to them when they pass. They nod to me. We're practically buddies at that point. On here, not so much.

Winning an argument online is like winning a gold medal in the Special Olympics. So what, you're still retarded.

(Please no one report this post.)

Pot - Kettle - Black. If you hadnt started with sarcastic personal attacks, none of this would be an issue. I have no issue with you nor with the rules/guidelines that you want to be enforced. I do have an an issue with hypocrisy. You seem to dish it very well but when it's returned you run to the moderators. The whole issue was you starting a thread in which you said; discuss but I won't listen. The other issue was you hijacking threads. I believe that's what was at issue & why you received a little swat on the nose.

Take a look in the mirror before you write a thread asking for rules to be enforced.

The negative comments here are nothing compared to those on the Blue Bombers forum site. Losing tends to do that. Best cure: win some games.

I've been called a number of things on this board, some deservedly so and others not so much. Yes, it's best to ignore or reply with a tad of humour knowing the poster tossing personal insults your way probably doesn't have a lot between the ears in terms of class and etiquette and has a low opinion of themselves hence having to throw the insults.

I won't report you, but your post in inappropriate............and you know it. :roll:

8) What I find most ironic is that some of the posters on this topic are the worst offenders !!
   They are usually asking for and itching for a confrontation from fellow posters with some of their outlandish
    comments and statements.  Then when someone responds to them in a manner they don't like, they threaten to run
     to the mods to complain about it, and say they are being bullied !!   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: --> 

     Some even ask for comments regarding their inappropriate statments, then complain vigorously when they get them !!

      Simply mind boggling....but par for the course around here !!      <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

      The post above is a prime example.  No class at all !!

HERE HERE , I for one should know I was suspended once on here for not conforming to the excepted up beat vibe :roll: and for using some #%*#% inappropriate words so I say suspend the non conforming members ASAP to teach them a lesson ,Get out here and don’t bash the CARETAKER!

I agree with Tommyboy. Maybe it is our political environment affecting people's attitudes. There seems to be much less tolerance of differing opinions.I find the Spec website to be far less friendly than this site . It is sad to see that some of the knowledgeable posters are being criticized .That is not the way Canadians usually behave. Maybe , times have changed but certainly not for the good. :frowning:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

Tipper, are you referring to me?

8) No, I'm not referring to you at all , "TeddyFay". I meant the comment that was said, that you responded to.
   Inexcusable to make those type of comments.   <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->  No Class, or common sense at all !!

Thank you. I was quite surprised by his comment. I thought I had read on here that he has a daughter who is "challenged". I think that is the proper term, if not, I apologize in advance.

I'm with you. I rarely come here anymore & can't see it changing until it changes.


Unfortunately 40 years of mostly losing teams will do that to people!

Even the Caretaker doesn’t seem to update us as often as he used to. I wonder if he’s losing interest too.

The forum seems to reflect the team’s fortunes. If the team was better, the quality of the posts would be higher. As it is, fans use the forum to vent their frustration, disappointment and anger. I don’t entirely blame the fans/posters.

An Argo-Cat fan

I spent over five years standing up to cyber bullies in an effort to keep this chat room positive, respectful, and an amenity to the team. It was met with hostility from some members and suspensions from the moderators/TiCats staff. Good luck with your petition.

Alexander: You make the same mistake as many others by referring to the mentally slow or challenged as "retarded."

That word, when used to describe a person, is very outdated and considered cruel. I know that being cruel was never

your intent, but now you have been made aware of the hurt you can cause when you use that terminology.

I may have been the poster who wrote on this subject once before since one of my daughters is mentally handicapped

and schizophrenic. She also suffers from temporal lobe epilepsy. With these cross to bare, she is very loveable, and I

wouldn't trade her for anyone. Enough said on this topic.

Rude posts have been in these threads forever. I have been guilty of making some myself. I have managed to avoid

this type of activity for some time now and will try very hard never to partake again in some of the nonsense that

happens here and on other sites.